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13 Home Care Tips For A Germ-Free, Happy Monsoon!

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A few months ago, we were all looking forward to the monsoon showers cooling things down. Silly us! Some damp interiors, a musty cupboard, a couple of peeling walls, and a few leaky ceilings later, we can’t wait to bid this season goodbye! But given that we still have a while before the monsoons are out the door for good, you might want to do a few things to keep your home germ-free and clean without the rains causing a whole lot of damage.

So, here are 10 monsoon-friendly cleaning hacks and techniques to help you freshen up your home before the festive season is upon us.

1. Place the shoe rack near the entrance or outside, if possible! There is no point bringing the mud and dirt into your house.

2. Check and repair all cracks and leakages in the walls and ceiling, especially near the bathroom walls, since the water pipes are constructed there.

3. Clean off all the dirt from your clothes and shoes before entering the house, and if you have gotten really dirty, then go to the bathroom directly in order to avoid creating a mess in the entire space.

4. Get rid of wet clothes immediately by putting them in the washer in order to avoid that foul smell.

5. Keep your home dry by installing a good ventilation system and open the windows whenever it stops raining.

6. Using natural ingredients to keep the indoors fresh and odour-free.

7. Clean the floors with a proper disinfectant in order to prevent the germs from breeding there.

8. Clean off all the accumulated water in your garden as it can often become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes and other germs.

9. Keep the drains unclogged and clean to avoid unnecessary water logging inside your home. In case of any damage or leakage, repair it immediately before it gets worse.

10. Bathe your pets with proper soap and water as soon as you bring them home, since they might be carrying a lot of germs and bacteria.

11. Deep clean your house on a weekly basis no matter how much your maid works daily.

12. Roll away all your rugs and carpets since they can accumulate a lot of germs and dust especially in the monsoon time.

13. Use naphthalene balls in your wooden cupboards to help absorb the moisture and keep all your clothes fresh. You can also use silica gel sachets to prevent dampness, and subsequent fungus.


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