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Monica Dogra Talks About Being A Dark Skinned NRI And Says She Doesn’t Care About Society’s Beauty Stereotypes

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Brown and beautiful, these are the two adjectives I often use for my self, whether it is as an affirmation of my gorgeous dusky complexion or to remind myself that these fairness creams being peddled to me, mean nothing.  It is ironical that in a country  where the majority are brown or deeper-complexioned, the yearning to be lighter in shade is omnipresent. I don’t need to conform to the definitions of beauty set by the society and its stereotypes, so long as I am comfortable in being who I am. Someone who is equally confident in being herself and embracing her beautiful self in actress Monica Dogra.

Wearing a number of hats, from that of a DJ, to an actress, Monica Dogra is a lot of things. But most of all, she is a confident woman in her 30s, who isn’t afraid of doing her own thing. Recently captured in the web series The Married Woman, (you can read a review here) Monica Dogra believes that OTT platforms bring with themselves a chance for everyone, creating a lot of diversity in casting.

Speaking about how she too, much like the OTT platforms has found herself evolving and changing, she went on to talk about herself. She said, “I’m still finding Monica. If you look at my career and my art, you can’t define me. You can describe me with one word which is experimentation. I’m reinventing and constantly becoming something new.”

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Further owning up to everything she is and isn’t, Monica Dogra said, “I have an accent. I’m an NRI. I have dark skin. I’m not a white girl. There are so many things that make me not fit in. I’m in my 30s and I’m still doing my thing.” Pointing out the white skin obsession of this country and how it may finally be toning down, she commented that she is glad that the society is “moving away from the white skin obsession”, allowing her to carve a place for herself.

Calling herself lucky to have had diverse experiences in her life that have made her stumble upon quite a few revelations, Monica Dogra’s words struck a chord with every woman like me, who wears a dusky skin with pride, unbothered by what the society makes of it. It is great to see women own up to themselves, unapologetically.

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