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Mizoram’s Capital City Aizawl Opens Up Cute Roadside Libraries For The Public And We Are Losing All Shelf-Control!

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Out of all the things that I incessantly obsess over or fantasize about having in my future, a library is probably the one that gets me the most excited. Yes, my line of work might be quite telling in this fantasy, but ever since I was a kid, I have felt a strong fascination and inclination towards books and libraries. From the way the old book pages smell to how beautiful their spines look, neatly stacked in a rack, books were my only respite and getaway from the reality when there was nothing else. Which is perhaps why, when the news about mini roadside library having set up on the streets of Mizoram came around, I was jumping up and down with excitement.

Set up in the streets of Mizoram’s capital city Aizawl, a movement that started with an idea to promote reading can finally be seen beginning to rise and in the most adorable way ever. With cute little wooden shelves, racks and book-houses installed on the side of the streets, Aizawl is having the first of its kind, free roadside library that is not only accessible but also inspirational!

Allowing people and pedestrians to add, take or even read books right then and there, this concept of opening free libraries has come across as a rather progressive, new and as a breathtakingly fresh idea to bring back the very cool hobby of reading.

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Shared by Parveen Kaswam, an IFC officer, his post that read, “Now this is what every city must copy. #Mizoram‘s capital #Aizawl has a couple of these tiny roadside libraries. Libraries are the best investment for nation building. North East showing the way,” was perhaps the best news we have come across today. In fact, not only us, but people across the nation having been taking notice and lauding this initiative that even though seems tiny, will probably have a more deeper impact than anticipated.

Pleasantly surprised by this gesture of offering people a chance to read, the news and the post has gone viral on Twitter and has twitterati going gaga over the installation. Safe to say, we are just as envious of these little libraries as we are impressed, and hopefully will get to see the idea travel to more cities, as they begin to realise the importance of reading, writing and having the citizens of the country indulged in habits that are more enriching in nature.

Way to go, Mizoram!

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