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Mission Mangal Teaser Trailer Is Out And The Women Are Central To The Mission, Just Like Real Life!

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Seems like Mumbai has taken the monsoons pretty damn seriously, what with tinsel town showering us with big blockbusters movies, trailers and songs, all at once. With major and big label movies in the pipeline to release this year, Bollywood is really upping its game. And we have plenty of movies inspired by real life, these are the ones that have us really excited. Today, the teaser of Mission Mangal, dropped and it stars a stellar cast of women and well, Akshay Kumar.

The movie that is about India’s first interplanetary mission – the Mars Orbiter Mission, released its poster look a few days ago, and we won’t lie, it wasn’t all that well received. Mainly because while there were several underdog scientists involved in making the Mission Mangalgyaan a success, but only Akshay Kumar’s character was given prominence in the poster, sidelining all the women characters that were also pivotal to both – the script and the mission.

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However, with the teaser trailer just dropping in, seems like the directors have put in more thought, as they should have, to introduce all the characters in the movie, one by one, with an equal screen time. Seems like the movie does have women after all! Akshay Kumar who had earlier planned on doing a cameo role for the movie can now be seen playing a full role of a senior scientist. A source close to the film had shared, “Akshay’s character puts the team together and drives them to achieve the goal. It’s more of him being a mentor to the young team.”

On the other hand, actors like Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menon, Kirti Kulhari and Sharman Joshi also make an appearance in their characters as scientists. All the actors can be seen in what is obviously a deglam appearance, an interesting departure from their regular roles and we are excited.

The teaser may be less than a minute, but it was enough to give me the chills (or is it this crazy cold office AC?) especially during the end as we see the spacecraft take off,  against the melodious background score of Vande Maatram. Although not much of the storyline is revealed, the teaser was a smooth introduction to all the key characters in the film. Safe to say, the cast is more than capable of delivering a riveting performance, and with scripts as patriotic and moving as this one, we can’t wait for it to hit the screens.

The movie is set to release this Independence Day, on 15th August, a befitting day to make the world aware of the under dogs who were able to carry out a first of its kind mission to the planet Mars, against all odds!


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