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Mini Mathur Asked To Get Botox On Twitter And Her Reply Has Us Applauding!

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I like to believe that we live in a very caring community. The kind that is so concerned by what others are and aren’t doing, that they often pass off their nosiness as worry. From commenting on the kind of friends we have, to how late we come back from parties, to how plunging our necklines are or in this case, how Mini Mathur is desperately in need of a botox. Mini Mathur is playing the lead in a new series – Mind The Malhotras.

The actress is pretty social, regularly uploading pictures on Instagram of her work, behind the life scenes, her workouts and more. Obviously, her age is just a number to her, just an additional candle on her cake. But this doesn’t go down well with everyone. One person namely – Kunal (in a now deleted tweet) thought it was his duty to let the actress know that she might need botox. Such care, much wow.

Mini however, did not agree and gave it back to him by tweeting, “No, I will not use Botox. It’s time the world got comfortable with the fact that women age, their talent does not. Be happy that feisty lead roles are being written for women in their 40s. Would you rather have a 20-year-old playing 40-year-old Shefali?” If we were to answer that, we’d obviously side with the actress, who seems to know what she is doing, saying and standing up for herself. Not only is the industry getting more self-aware now, but is finally addressing the need to be comfortable in one’s skin without giving a hoot about unsavoury comments by people with too much time on their hands.

As for the trollers, if only someone were to tell them, they need not take the burden of worrying for us upon their frail shoulders, for we are coasting along just find without it. Seriously, stop. The tweet was later deleted by the guy, and Mini actually went on to say he wasn’t a troller but only someone who had left a tasteless comment. The internet may have thought Mini was being too kind, but we do get her point too.


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