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10 Reasons We’ll Miss Michelle Obama In Our Lives

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When Barack Obama gave his last speech as the President of the United States, we cried. But when Michelle Obama went on stage for the last time as the First lady, we bawled. Obama showed us who an ideal president is, but Michelle has been so much more. Today, on her 53rd birthday (will this woman never age?), we honour her and thank her for, well, being the kickass person that she is. I mean, if she can make people sitting on the other side of the globe, who basically have nothing to do with her, miss her presence so much, she has earned every bit of her fame.

Highly educated, hardworking, a brilliant orator, fashionista, mother, and an inspiring First Lady, here are 10 reasons Michelle Obama is truly the best.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

1. Her Dance Moves

She has proved time and again that she can dance, and how! Whether it was on the Jimmy Fallon’s show or with kids from her charity, dancing has now become *really* cool.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

2. Role Model For Girls

And for boys who don’t let their egos come in the way. She has always asked girls to be strong, and told to be extraordinary, and that no one can stop them from achieving their dreams. She has supported black girls at every step of the way, and motivated them to not let the colour of their skin ever be a hindrance.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

3. Basically…Relationship Goals

When the 2 most important people on this planet are adorable AF, you cannot help but stop and take notes. The perfect First Lady to the perfect President.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

4. #StyleGoals

How does she manage to slay at every event? For someone who is as busy as she is, she is always impeccably turned out.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

5. Mom-In-Chief On Point!

If her daughter can miss her father’s last speech as the president for school work, the kids clearly have their priorities set out. Even Michelle once said that her favourite title was being mom-in-chief and not the First Lady.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

6. She Is So Fun!

She aced the carpool karaoke like a pro and also manages to crack intelligent jokes, with every speech. Being the FLOTUS and still walking around with a constant smile takes hard work, but she does it effortlessly.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

7. Proud Of Her Identity

Apart from being the wife of the first black president of America, she has never let the colour of her skin affect her work, and has always proved that it doesn’t matter and it never will. Breaking major stereotypes she really is a total badass.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly


8. Gives The Best Advice

Her words are like glitter that can make anyone shine. They are magic and have the power to motivate to do your absolute best. Also, she can be a great agony aunt.


Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

9. She Is Friends With Beyoncé

‘Nuff said.

Michelle Obama Is Awesome_Hauterfly

10. The Best First Lady

Charities, campaigns, events, hosting dinner parties, travelling to other countries, giving speeches — she has done it all and with grace. It’s safe to say that we may not have a First Lady like her for a long time. Until maybe when USA votes her as President in 2020. Maybe. Hopefully.


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