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Mexican President Says People Wanting To Change Women’s Roles Is The Cause Of Feminism. Well, It’s Time These Roles Changed

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India is not the only country that has rigid domestic traditions that force women to bear the brunt of running the house while men do whatever it is that they do. Every country around the world has some or the other form of gender bias and gender norms that usually leave the woman doing all the heavy lifting – oh, not literally since they don’t believe women can lift heavy things. We can push a baby out of our vagina, but cannot get equal pay. And this just one thing. Another thing that we share with people around the world, like it’s some kind of great hobby, are politicians who are complete idiots. 

Right now though I am talking about the Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who believes that women staying home to take care of other older family members is the key to fighting off this the pandemic. See, it is not just our politicians and leaders who are overtly misogynistic and sexist. Chalo, we have to share that feather in our cap also. 

President Lopez Obrador said that Mexico’s elders were helped by being taken care of at home and that “Mexican family is the most important social security institution” in the country. 

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He said, “People want to change women’s role and that is one of the just causes of feminism. But the tradition in Mexico is that daughters are the ones who care the most for parents. We men are more detached.” 

 Has anyone ever told the 66-year-old president that traditions change and the sky won’t fall if the men take care of the house instead? I doubt it. They should though, it’ll stop him from saying ridiculous things like this. 

The people of Mexico did not like their president being so overtly sexist. Many accused him of misogyny, oppression and perpetuating macho traditions. People hated it so much that #AmloMachista or sexist AMLO (the president’s initials) was trending in Mexico. 

Martha Tagle, a lawmaker with the Citizen’s Movement party, said on Twitter. “Translating the president’s nineteenth-century thinking when he says: men are more detached, he means irresponsible; daughters take care of their parents, he’s referring to unpaid work; tradition refers to machismo; feminism wants to change roles, true transformation.” 

Seriously, why is he president? Mexico is unsafe for women since gender-based violence is soaring through the roof there right now. And instead of making things better and looking for solutions, he is perpetrating old ridiculous sexist traditions. 

Claudia Castello, who describes herself as a sociologist and feminist, said “AmloMachista insists on sending women to be ‘caregivers’, but we have news for him, we are citizens and we are feminists who will no longer tolerate his presidential misogyny.”   

This is not even the first time AMLO has come under the scanner for his sexist comments. According to reports, he had some pretty prickly reactions when his administration was criticised over the brutal murders of women that have seen a surge in Mexico. This ignited the feminists and undermined the support he received from female voters. 

Why people still believe in rigid gender norms and stereotypes I have no idea. But, what I do know is that those norms and stereotypes are universally uniform and they need to shoved down a dustbin with time.

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