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Men Claim To Be Producers; Lure Women Aspiring To Be Actors Into Making Pornographic Videos

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In our country, millions of people aspire to join the Bollywood industry. Their aim is to become rich and famous actors. But cracking into the industry is not a walk in the park. Especially for women. From having to give thousands of auditions to being subjected to the casting couch, it’s a tremendous struggle. To add to all that chaos, women who are working hard to become actors and models are also often scammed and exploited by men claiming to be directors and producers. Just recently, in Kolkata, a man claiming to be a producer was arrested for scamming mostly women and luring them to make pornographic videos. His entire operation was busted by the police!

The police in West Bengal’s Bidhannagar received multiple complaints by aspiring actors and models alleging that they were getting fake job offers from people who claim to make content for various OTT platforms. Following a probe, the police arrested a “producer” named Subhanjan Roy. He would lure young actors, mainly women, to work in a web series and then coax them into filming pornographic videos for various adult websites.

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Roy would approach these women with an offer to work in a web series. Reports have quoted a police officer saying, “He would offer bold roles for top OTT platform movies and call them for an audition. He would then record it. Although the women would agree to film on condition of not showing their face, the accused would crop the real face and sell it out to some websites. Each video fetched them big bucks, ranging from 20,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.”

The dubious matter came to light when an aspiring model found her nude video on one of the top 10 most-visited porn websites in the world. After this, she lodged a complaint against Roy claiming that he lured her into filming the video and then uploaded it to a porn site. Roy’s gang was caught red-handed when the police tracked them to a hotel while they were filming a similar nude video. The girl was rescued and the accused were arrested. According to the police, this gang would target women from towns in and around Kolkata.

This is such a horrid thing to do. It’s shameful. Hopefully, Roy and his gang will be held accountable and put behind bars.

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