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Melania Trump Has The World Watching Her Fashion And Her Style Is As Controversial As Insensitive

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With great power comes great responsibility, this is what we have been taught since school. If you’re in a position of power you have the responsibility to live up to that power, the responsibility to create change and do good for people you exude influence over. Even if the role that is on a smaller scale like, being the head girl of your school. It’s basic, right? So, we are wondering why it hasn’t occurred to Melania Trump to recognise the position of power she is in? Let’s put our reservations about her husband aside. But even when we do that, the question is, why hasn’t the first lady of the USA realised that every action she takes, every word she says (though no one has heard her say much) and in times like ours, every piece of clothing she chooses to don, will have a trickle down effect so literally everyone from editors of fashion magazines to the person on the subway will have an opinion on it?

I’m sure you have all noticed the controversial fashion choices Mrs. Trump has made over the years, if you haven’t, read on you’re in for a treat.

She Turned Up Well-Heeled For Study The Aftermath Of A Hurricane

In August of 2017, Melania accompanied her husband on his visit to Houston to survey the damages of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. She was photographed stepping onto the natural-disaster zone wearing sky high stilettos. Now you’d hope that after this one time shed have understood why you can’t wear heels to a hurricane relief zone, but no.  While visiting Puerto Rico to meet the Hurricane Maria victims she was photographed wearing a pair of navy-blue heels. She did learn half the lesson though, this time before stepping off Air Force One, she changed into boots.

A Message Coated With Bad Attitude

On another occasion, one of her fashion catastrophes was criticised universally. It was one of those epic moments that are so bad they make you laugh. In June 2018, she visited a detention centre in Texas for children who were separated from their families on the Mexican border. For this visit, she chose to wear a Zara jacket that read “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” We don’t know what she was thinking but maybe she wasn’t thinking at all. Because, why? She didn’t but people around the world did care, and it did not go down well.

The Plane Horror

The most recent one that has come into the limelight is the one we deem the most insensitive of all. 11th September, 2019 marked the anniversary of an attack that shook the world and introduced us to a kind of terror that was devastating. 18 years ago, on this day the twin towers were knocked down by a plane. Even to this day, Americans shiver at the mention of this heinous attack. To commemorate this day, Trump shared a post on Twitter which showed him and Melania at the 9/11 Memorial. Soon enough, netizens started to notice the embroidery on Melania’s coat. Believe it or not, her coat she is wearing in the picture has a plane flying into a tower. This started one the biggest Twitter controversies ever and people had some very interesting things to say! She did wear this in 2018 but the picture only released now.


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