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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Royal Exit Is Like A Scene From K3G. And It Places The Blame Squarely On The Woman

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Not like it’s a big surprise, but I am a reader. I like to consume content on the daily and not just because it pays my bills, but also because being in the know has its own kind of a charm. And while I usually read for information and staying up to date about…well, everyone…sometimes the truth is really stranger than fiction. Okay, may be not stranger than fiction but definitely sparks my imagination hose facts and that is my guilty pleasure. Saying this at the risk of sounding a hypocrite, considering my profession here, people and publications often twist the facts to make for juicy gossipy bits that are more or less tweaked before being sold. And the latest piece of contention is about the Duke and  Duchess of Sussex and their grand exit from the Royal family!

From 2016 when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first met, to now when they’re married, have a child – they’ve made headlines for practically anything they’ve done. But now, now they’ve created an uproar. The internet is calling it the grand ‘Megxit’ of Britain, a lot has gone down for the Duke and Duchess in these past 4 years. And while everything from her nails to her stockings has always managed to make headlines, it is this news of the two stepping back from their roles as senior royals that is taking the internet and the world over by a storm.

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Announcing their plans to start an independent life, even financially, and move to North America, the two have laid out their plans to take a backseat from the royal business and as expected, it’s met with as much criticism as it has been met with humour. Once again, the woman in picture gets blamed for breaking up a family, this reminds me of yet another episode of an Ekta Kapoor serial or better yet, seems like a scene right from a Bollywood blockbuster.

A lot of the people have compared the whole situation to what happened in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and sure it’s fun but there’s an undercurrent, a subtle jab at the woman- the woman breaks up the family. Familiar narrative? Very.

For many, many years years, this is a narrative that has been propagated. The man, once he gets married, is so pussy whipped that he will only listen to his wife. In this version, the son or the man is often depicted as someone who’s agency is stolen from him – he’s almost like a victim of the strong woman that is his wife. And while Bollywood does portray that but only subtly, for the British, this is a story that is being touted as the truth. Poor Harry, abdicating his money and lineage because his wife won’t fit in. Because she has a mind of her own and all.

Quoting them to be the Rahul and Anjali of Britain, what we are in for seeing is whether the Raichands will give in to accept them for who they are or not in the end! Guess, we’ll have to stick around to find out and until then? Let’s just hope the deep-rooted misogyny in this narrative is taken care of.

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