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Meet The #HauteSquad: Divya Wable

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So we’ve turned 1 *yay*! And now, FINALLY, we’ve decided to introduce the geniuses behind Hauterfly… ok, we’ve decided to introduce you to the #HauteSquad! So here’s your inside track into who brings you your favourite stories and the madness that goes on at Hauterfly HQ.

She’s the creative little spark behind our fun, fresh, and fabulous website. Meet Divya Wable, who is all of 24 and still manages to bully the senior members of the team to get what she wants. Even though she’s a rather silent observer, she ocassionally comes up with some seriously witty one-liners when the mood strikes. And oh, she probably has the biggest collection of cartoon-print tees among the entire team. And that amazing sea-food she brings for lunch, it’s totally ratchet!

So what exactly is it that you do?
Other than being quiet, I work on the creatives that you see on the Hauterfly website and social media. Basically I make our website look cool, attractive, and funky!

What were you doing before this?
I was working with a jewellery firm as a graphic designer.

How did you get started at Hauterfly?
I was looking out for better opportunities, and that is when one of my friends told me about a vacancy at Hauterfly. Honestly, after I scrolled through the website and social feeds, I wanted to grab this opportunity ASAP!

What’s the favourite part about your job?
The best part is that I get paid to do what I love! Also, there are sooo many things that I love about being here: I love my team mates — they’re all so adorable, and I get to chill on a really cool terrace. If you look forward to coming to work every morning, then you know you’re in the right place.

And the least favourite?
People stealing my chair, and then I have to go around the entire office looking for a spare one! #StartUpLife

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to become SUPERWOMAN, so that I can multitask on everything.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants a job like yours?
Be passionate about your work. Be creative and PATIENT, always.

Tell us something weird about you.
I record myself while singing, and then listen back to see if I sound any better than the last video. Umm, yeah.

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