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Meet S Vinothini, A Pregnant Nurse Who Traveled 250 Kms To Fulfil Her Duty In Treating Patients With Coronavirus.

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If I were to ever come around the idea of having children, the only way I’d probably do it is by wanting to be pampered every day of the 9 months that I’d be carrying that little baby inside me. But if every other woman thought like me, we would never have come across the real life heroes who have been risking everything dear to them, including their own health, to help us fight our fight against the dangerously fast spreading Covid-19 virus.

Doctors, nurses and all of the medical staff around the world emerge as saviours in such troubled times and we have been witness to their commitment. And one such nurse who has won our hearts is 25-year-old, S Vinothini, who despite being 8 months pregnant, traveled a distance of about 250kms to help patients with Coronavirus.

After the young nurse received a letter from the Joint Director (JD) of Health Services from Ramanathapuram to come back to duty within three days, upon having been selected for a nursing post, S Vinothini despite being so far along in her pregnancy and without making any further delays, traveled an uncomfortable distance of 250 kms from Tiruchy to Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, to do her duty.

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She approached the Tourism Minister Vellamandi N Natarajan to be granted a special request to cover such a long distance, and was provided with a pass to travel without any restriction. And for a woman who is pregnant, most likely in physical and emotional stress being just a month away from actual delivery, and not to forget with an imminent threat of being in close proximity with the virus while treating her patients, we salute her for her selflessness and professional prowess.

Guess, it is such women who are making all the difference even in times when looking out for yourself has become second nature to many. From actresses like Shikha Malhotra volunteering as nurses to viralogists like Minal Bhonsale, we laud the efforts and dedication of the health and medical personnel that is showing extreme courage in treating patients with Coronavirus! God bless them!

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