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Meet Kamalathal, The 85-Year-Old Lady, Who Has Been Serving Idlis To Migrant Workers For Just 1 Rupee During This Crisis

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For as long as I have been a writer, I have constantly found myself either calling out the insensitivity of the people around, or the hypocrisy with which they live life, especially in India. However, it wasn’t until this unannounced pandemic struck us all that I realised, how there is more to celebrate in India than just its crooked ways. For people haven’t just been stepping up in support of the cause and fight against covid- 19 but also showing us the true meaning of compassion and selflessness. Something we’ve seen in an 85-year-old lady, who is serving idlis to migrant workers every day at the price of  just one rupee.

Kamalathal, a woman from Tamil Nadu, has recently become famous for her selfless act of serving idlis to people at just a rupee. Not like the woman doesn’t bear losses, with the inflation hitting up, materials going scarce, she too faces a dip in her income, but as long as she gets to feed people who are hungry and needy, she keeps going. At the age of 85 right now, she has been doing this for 30 years now, and the fact that she feels so responsible for not letting people go hungry, has filled our hearts with hope and joy. After all, good people do still exist.

Talking about the present situation, Amma said, “The situation has been a little difficult since Corona started but I have been trying my best to provide food at Rs.1.” She further also said, “Many migrant labourers are stuck here and so there are more people coming. There are people who are coming and helping me. They are providing essentials and I am using that to make Rs 1 idlis.”

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And we can only imagine how difficult this must be during the time of a crisis. However, with a few people helping her in this great initiative, she is often given raw materials to cook so that she doesn’t go completely under while cooking for everyone. At a time, when it seems like no one could care less of another life if it’s not their own, we have women like Kamalathal changing the world, one idli at a time.

Serving the poor, a proper and full meal with idli and sambhar and at such economical prices, even when she doesn’t have much for herself is something that hasn’t just been eye-opening but a story we need to take inspiration from. It is now when we need to stick together and help each other out, for a little kindness always goes a long way!

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