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Meet Jyoti Bopche, The Female Recovery Agent Who Gets Money Out In Her Own Way. She’s Called Vasooli Bhabhi

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Call it a guilty pleasure or a sadistic one, but the relief you derive after proving people wrong should be given it’s own name, or a genre at the least. Like when you claim that top management position that was supposedly only good enough for men. Like my current favourite, when you replace a vasooli bhai with a vasooli bhabhi, proving to the society and a lot of men, that women won’t be pigeon-holed into be nurturing and soft and when push comes to shove, they can also be tough.

Thanks to the society, women have had to push their way, sometimes after being rejected relentlessly, other times by working twice as hard as men to get to the same position. The stereotypes haven’t just branded us into roles but also brainwashed the society into believing that is all there is to women – cooking and cleaning and giving birth. Of course that is not true in the least, considering more and more women are now claiming and position in and around the world, smashing stereotypes and rewriting history.

And one such woman, on the same path is Jyoti Bopche, the new age female recovery agent or vasooli bhabhi who is not just infiltrating the male dominated field of recovery agents, but also tapping in onto their business and giving people a run for their money (pun intended).

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It is true that only a few Bopche’s around the country are able to compete in this otherwise male dominated industry, but a few of them are enough to drive a change and remind people, that having feelings, or being emotional on the job doesn’t have be a con, it could just come in handy. Even while recovering money. She’s earned the title of vasooli bhabhi.

How Does Vasooli Bhabhi Work?

Making use of their compassion and emotional propensity, Bopche shared, “I tell a desperate woman that there’s nothing more sacred than life itself. They listen to me when they might not have even consented to speak to a male agent.” And just like that, their lack of aggression has now swiftly been turned around to their advantage. Can’t believe I am saying this, but seems like we’d have to thank the men for that.

VN Maya, AGM Law, with Indian Bank, Chennai, who has been dealing with female recovery agents goes on to share, “We’ve found that women on the field tend to have a positive impact on recovery particularly in domestic situations, among self-help groups and even in male-dominated workplaces like factories where their presence has a tempering effect. They are not considered threatening and their inherent ability to to reason and negotiate makes them very effective.”So wait, they actually need a vasooli bhabhi? Cool!

Using their skills, their set of emotions that were earlier condemned for not being professional, women like Bopche now go around reasoning with defaulters, listening, understanding, yet communicating the need to pay up their debts. She says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. How you do the job depends on your capability.”

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