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Meet the #HauteSquad: Snehal Fernandes

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So we’ve turned 1 *yay*! And now, FINALLY, we’ve decided to introduce the geniuses behind Hauterfly… ok, we’ve decided to introduce you to the #HauteSquad! So here’s your inside track into who brings you your favourite stories and the madness that goes on at Hauterfly HQ.

Paranoid Android AKA Video Queen AKA Snehal Fernandes. This spunky PYT stormed into our lives with some great ideas and even better taste (she picked us, hello?) One of the newer members on the team, Snehal shares her experience of being a Hauterfly.

So what exactly is it that you do?

I’m that girl with the squeaky voice you hear in all our Insta-stories and Snapchat! JK, I’m Hauterfly’s awesomesuace Head of Video Content aka Paranoid Android (don’t ask me why).  

What were you doing before this?            
Besides being a couch-potato and binge-watching shows on Netflix, I worked as a digital consultant at StylFlip — an app where you can sell and buy preloved clothes.
How did you get started at Hauterfly?
Zahra got my reference from a very dear friend and mentor Latha Sunadh, and called me in for an interview. Honestly, I always wanted to be a part of Hauterfly since it started, so when she reached out to me, I just grabbed the opportunity with both hands — and well, the rest is history!  
What’s your favourite part about the job?
What’s not to love about my job? I have a beautiful office and a crazy team and a terrace that’s just perfect for coffee breaks! Also, Friday nights are pretty mad with fun games and lots of food! So yeah, I pretty much love everything about my job — cheesy I know, but it’s true!
And the least favourite?
People stealing my chair!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Professional booty-shaker! I hope though, by then, I have a bigger booty!  
What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants a job like yours?
Good things come to those who hustle!
Tell us something weird about you.
I love sleeping with socks on — even in summer!

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