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Meet The #HauteSquad: Ritika Singbal

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Continuing our efforts to give you an inside track into who brings you your favourite stories and the madness that goes on at Hauterfly HQ, we introduce to you the new members of our ever-growing team. Meet our team, our peeps.

At least one person utters the word “Wow!” at Hauterfly HQ everyday lately, all thanks to the kickass creative prowess of the newest member of the #HauteSquad, Ritika Singbal. We’d love to get into her head for a day. But for now, we’ll take solace in the fact that she designs well, dresses well, and is one of the sweetest people we’ve met in a while.

So what exactly is it that you do?
In between scouting for food and whining about the frigid temperature in office, I squeeze in time to design creatives for Hauterfly’s website and social media. Our colourful, trendy, and current Instagram feed? Yup, all me. *cough* Faro and Megs really, but… *cough*.

What were you doing before this?
I was working with a beauty startup, before which I was with Elle magazine, before which I was doing projects with non-profits in the education sector, before which I was an undergrad student wondering when I’ll grow up and earn enough money to support my (very indulgent) lifestyle. (FYI: Still wondering.)

How did you get started at Hauterfly?
I applied for the job opening I found on social media. One interview, two tests, and a new office later, I found myself a place on the team at Hauterfly.

What’s the favourite part about your job?
My favourite part has got to be the people I work with. They’re so full of enthusiasm, love, amazing ideas, and grit —  you cannot help but feel motivated to put more than 100% into every project. Also, SO MANY GOANS in one place!

And the least favourite?
The mall right outside the office building that tempts all the money out of my wallet.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Taller… 5.7″ kinda tall.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants a job like yours?
I’m much too inexperienced to dole out advice, but if I have to acknowledge the one principle that’s helped me throughout, it’s to never say no. Always be excited to take on new projects, even if you don’t know how to do it. Learn. And then do it. Every opportunity teaches you something new. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn from the most vapid circumstances.

Tell us something weird about you!
My tummy never feels full. Ever. I can eat all day, erryday, and still not put on an ounce of extra weight.


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