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Meet The #HauteSquad: Baishali Chatterjee

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So we’ve turned 1 *yay*! And now, FINALLY, we’ve decided to introduce the geniuses behind Hauterfly… ok, we’ve decided to introduce you to the #HauteSquad! So here’s your inside track into who brings you your favourite stories and the madness that goes on at Hauterfly HQ.

Today we’re introducing you to our Managing Editor, Baishali Chatterjee — the resident Queen B, as we love to call her. (She has a crown to prove it too.) B is the glue that holds this team together, playing both agony aunt and boss babe in equal measure. Super efficient and super chill, Boi makes work look like fun, all day errrryday!

So what exactly is it that you do?
Wow, where do I start? Let’s see… I boss my team around, I take breaks with my boss, I shop online, I gossip with my girls, and generally chill all day. Occasionally, I edit stories, I write them too, I write a weekly column called Boi’s Budget Buys, and basically make sure you guys get access to the coolest products and trends.

What were you doing before this?
Oh, I’ve been around the block. I was freelancing for a year and a half in Mumbai and Dubai, before which I spent 2 years at Femina magazine.

How did you get started at Hauterfly?
I basically got tired of my own company — there’s only so much you can talk to yourself about. So when I started looking for a full-time gig once again, my friend suggested Hauterfly as she had recently met with Zahra. I met Zahra, we hit it off, and like they say, the rest is history (three-month long history, that is!).

What’s the favourite part about your job?
I have the cutest, haute-est team; the coolest, funnest boss; I get to write about all things style and sass; I get to chill on a really cool terrace; and, like I said, I get to boss around the #HauteSquad — what’s not to love?

And the least favourite?
The lack of space and the secret chair thieves — seriously, it’s like a blink-and-miss situation #StartupLife. I’ve donned my detective’s cap to find the culprit(s).

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants a job like yours?
Be passionate. Be ready to pay your dues. Leave your sense of entitlement at the door. And do this only if you love it. There will be days and weeks when you have no life — love and passion and the people are the only things that will sail you through. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Tell us something weird about you.
I have OCD when it comes to the volume display on any gadget — it needs to be on an even number or in multiples of 5. And I’ve managed to pass on this disease to my friends too! *hyuk hyuk*

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