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Manisha Koirala Shares How Her Fight With Cancer Was Inspired By Yuvraj Singh. And She Is Such An Inspiration!

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On a normal day, I am a ball of energy, throbbing with excitement. But if I am sick, even it’s just a normal cold and flu, I will be  reaching out for the bed, wailing about how it feels like it’s end of time for me. It’s not. Not if you think about it. Compare this to  Manisha Koirala who has challenged that thought in my head after tell us how her diagnosis and fight with cancer actually brought out the warrior in her.

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Even to find out the fact that you have been diagnosed by what can be a terminal illness, gets you weak in the knees and no, not in a good way at all. The thought in itself is so scary, let alone what follows next. From the cancer taking control over your body to you losing everything – from your hair to your will power, it plays on your mind and body together. And it can’t be easy. But if you are looking for inspiration, Manisha Koirala has oodles of it to offer.

The ace and veteran actress, in a recent report by Mumbai Mirror, shared how she gathered most inspiration to fight it from Yuvraj Singh, who himself went through something similar but came out soaring. she said, “Sonali (Bendre) is a beautiful, strong woman. Cancer can shake you up, but one should ensure that it doesn’t get the better of you.”

She further continued saying, “If there is heaven, it’s here. If there is hell, it’s here. When I was close to death, I realised how lucky I was to be born and be alive. When you are in danger of losing something, you start valuing it more. I love life and want to live it fully. It can be demanding but I want to make the most of my living years. This year, I went to the Everest Base Camp. I want to climb more mountains. And finally, I want to be more useful in whichever part of the world and society I am. I want to live well and chase happiness.” And we felt that.

Having dealt with a literal life and death situation, we commend the actress for her undying faith and willpower, to be able to endure what came her way. Now she stands stronger and healthier and will now be seen playing Sanjay Dutt’s onscreen wife in Hindi remake of film Prasthanam. Till then, more luck and power to her and everyone out there, who is putting up their strongest front in situations like these.

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