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Man From Bangkok Puts Ring Around His Penis To Enlarge It, Ends Up In Hospital

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We’ve all tried to do something special for our loved ones on valentines day. A few of us may have chosen a nice place for a dinner, others picked up a good deal on a staycation, and some might even go as far as bringing their partners expensive gifts to express their love and care. But a guy from Bangkok went the extra mile, to do something big (pun intended) for his girlfriend. He chose to enlarge his penis..

Giving all other a presents a run for their money, this man from Bangkok decided to do something out of the ordinary, as he put a metal ring around his penis in order to grow it in size and offer it as a valentines delight. Except things didn’t go as per planned and a night that he imagined to be spending with his loved one, was spent in the emergency room of a hospital when the metal ring got stuck. Ouch!

He had heard that putting one’s genitals through a ring or a nut from one’s tool box could help get all the blood to the genitals and in turn, enlarge them. Using baby oil to slide the ring in, things were fine until the point where the ring got stuck and despite several painful efforts, stayed on.

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The man who later called the emergency services recalled, “I was terrified that I would need my penis amputated. It had swollen so much that I thought it would burst.” Which to break it to you, it didn’t.

The medics soon after arriving at his place and gauging the unusual situation, rushed him to a hospital where they carefully sliced apart the metal ring, using a hand-held steel tool, a pair of pliers, and a thin metal sheet. The job was done with intricacy and to avoid any cut on the skin. With no scratch to the man’s penis, the ring with a diameter of 3 cm and was 1.5 cm thick was removed.

Doctors then prescribed the man antibiotics and anti-inflammatory cream to reduce the swelling. Guess he now knows his idea for an extra special valentine’s day was not as fan-tas-dick after all! We bet flowers seem like a better option to him now!

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