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Man Asks For Police Protection Against Alcoholic Wife Who Thrashes Him After Drinking And Calls Women’s Helplines After This. This Is Horrible

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It took me about 2 failed relationships, several first dates gone wrong and a few encounters with drunk exes to understand that alcohol sometimes, brings out the worst side in people, and till the time you haven’t known your partner, or a potential partner drunk, you haven’t known them at all. Easier for ones who don’t indulge in the habit at all, but those who do, chances are that after being liquored up, they’re show off a brand new personality, and it’s not always the one you’d want to see. Like this couple from Gujarat where the husband is done with his alcoholic wife.

Marrying the love of his life in 2018, after having an exciting love affair, the man in question today has recently filed for police protection against his wife, who according to his claims, misbehaves with him and his family after getting drunk. A story that seems all too familiar, what with a drunk partner bashing their other half, except in this one there has been a role-reversal and seems like the woman is the one guilty of abuse.

According to the report that the man has filed, he said that it was only after the marriage that he found out about his wife’s drinking habits and started to notice how when she is inebriated, she begins to torture him mentally and physically. From sharing graphic details in his complaint that included her trying to manipulate her husband to live separately from his parents after marriage to threatening to end her own life if he didn’t fulfil her demands, the man claimed she was forming a conspiracy against his family. His alcoholic wife has wreaked havoc, he has claimed.

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He went on to claim that in an attempt to go through with her conspiracy, she filed an application against him and his parents at the Khokhra police station in June, accusing them of cruelty against her. He also shared how his alcoholic lives on the first floor of the house, continues to thrash him after consuming alcohol and then dials up the women protection helpline to make false allegations.

Scared by how the situation was going out of hand, he sought police protection for himself and his family claiming that if anything were to happen to him, his parents would find themselves at the mercy of his allegedly abusive and alcoholic wife. Claims that are yet to be investigated and proved. But if at all, there is even a iota of truth to the allegations, then it is a shame that women like her are trying to strong arm men into submission, using the plight of other women and diluting the cause.

Real women, facing abuse and domestic violence have fought hard to be taken their words seriously, and it is women like these who send us back by lying and using our cause for their own personal gains and that needs to stop.

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