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Mallika Sherawat Schools A Man Who Blamed Her Movies For Sexual Violence. So, The Men Have No Accountability?

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I find it very difficult to understand how the men in the country don’t seem to understand that the only people that are responsible for rapes are the rapists. From politicians assassinating the victim’s character to common citizens blaming TV shows for rapes, it seems like they are trying out every avenue to get out of this blame-free. It’s disgusting. However, now there is a new thing to add onto their blame list- movies. Yep, some man decided that Mallika Sherawat’s movies are adding onto the sexual violence in our country. Basically, it’s everyone else’s fault but their own. How dare we even insinuate that the men are to blame? 

It all started when Mallika tweeted about the Hathras rape case. In her tweet, she talked about how the only way to improve the condition of women in our country is to move on from this “medieval mindset”. She wrote, “Unless India reforms its medieval mindset towards women nothing will change #HathrasHorror #NirbhayaCase.”

Now, while we completely agree with her you can see why this would step on the fragile egos of men, right? It’s honestly no wonder this man had the all-consuming urge to call her out unnecessarily. The best part is, in doing so, he proved Mallika’s point. 

Replying to her tweet, netizen Karan Kumar lashed out accusing her movies of instigating sexual violence. He said that her movies play an important role as well and that her statements were contradictory. 

Karan Kumar tweeted back at Mallika saying, “But the kind of roles you have played in Bollywood movie contradict your statement. Don’t you think the kind of message you deliver through your movies also play an important role. Improvement should start from the person who is making the statement first.” 

His statement is problematic on so many levels. Okay, yes, Mallika Shwerawat has done some bold roles but those have less than no connection with the sexual violence that is so rampant in this country. It’s very annoying to see how a woman who portrays characters that are in control of their sexual desires makes men more uneasy than a kick in their balls. 

And this is not the first time Mallika has been shamed for her choice of movies. Throughout her career, people have thrown shade at her and judged her for playing such bold characters. People have called her names and questioned her morals. It’s fucking ridiculous. But again, if these depraved men don’t blame women, any women, for rapes they will have face the consequences that the rapists are at fault. And of course, no one wants to do that. So why not blame an actress of propagating sexual violence? It’s a way out that gives their fragile chauvinistic egos a boost. 

However, Mallika was not going to let that happen. After this man dropped those unwarranted comments on her tweet, she replied to him saying that if he had such a problem with her movies, he should simply refrain from watching them. Again, makes sense. 

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She replied to him saying, “So the movies I act in are an invitation for rape!!! It’s mentality like yours that make Indian society regressive for women! If you have a problem with my movies then Don’t see them #nocountryforwomen.” 

No country for women, indeed. Although I really enjoyed how this man made a fool of himself. And Mallika is right, it’s thinking like his that is weighing this country down. That’s exactly the mentality we need to overthrow. And let’s make something crystal clear, shall we? The only person responsible for a rape is the rapist. No one and nothing else. Why is that a concept that is so difficult to understand? Women wearing sarees, infants hell even cows get raped in this country. Mallika’s Sherawat’s movies are definitely not to be blamed for all that. 

Let me add another interesting factor. Before this man blamed Mallika Sherawat’s movies, some other man claimed Swara’s Bhasker’s  movie Rasbhari is responsible for rapes. You see a pattern of deflecting blame, don’t you? We have to hold the men responsible.

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