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Malala Yousafzai Slammed By Heena Sidhu Over The Kashmir Issue. We All Need To Calm Down!

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At 22, I do everything I’m expected to do- work, study and chill. Pretty standard, right? Then I look at Malala Yousafzai, a girl who surpassed all expectations, who overcame major adversities in life emerged an inspiration hundreds of girls worldwide and I feel very inadequate. Despite being shot in the head by the Taliban at age 15, she went on to win a Nobel peace prize. And has authored multiple books to fight for the rights of women. She has delivered speeches at the UN, Buckingham Palace and the White House. She has fought for the rights of Syrian refugees, Rohingya Muslims and children’s education practically worldwide, she has opened multiple schools and charities catering solely to women and children. She has been awarded with some of the world’s most prestigious awards. All of this gets me thinking and introspecting, what is my purpose in this world? Basically, what the hell am I doing? It’s not easy to know the answer to that at 22, but clearly life has answered that question for Malala very early on.

Everyone wants to change the world, leave their own mark here but there are people out there who, with their courage and determination, are following their instincts and grabbing every opportunity to make this world just a little bit better. But sometimes, we all falter, don’t we? Even someone as decorated as Malala. We understand. Patriotism is moving. Yes, she is known for everything that I have listed above but do you know what else she is known for? Selecting the causes, she supports we have seen this time and again. She always has an underlined Pakistan propaganda and here is yet another example of this theory. We aren’t saying it’s wrong.

Recently, in a series of tweets, Malala expressed her concerns on the growing tension in Kashmir. She requested the United Nations General Assembly to investigate this and help bring about peace in Kashmir. In the same thread, she claimed that there are over 4,000 reports of people being jailed, children not being able to attend school and girls who are too afraid to leave their houses. She said she wanted to hear directly from Kashmiri girls whose voices have been curbed due to recent communication blackouts. According to Malala’s tweets, three girls reached out to her and told her that they didn’t know the situation since its eerily quiet except for the sounds of troops. Sounds scary, right?

One of the three girls also told her that she feels purposeless as she missed her 12th grade exam which was on 12th August and now her future is unstable. After which Malala tweeted, “People speaking out for us adds to our hope. I am longing for the day when Kashmir will be free of the misery we’ve been going through for decades.” What happened though next really took the crown. In a tweet, Olympic medal winner Heena Sidhu slammed Malala, pointing out that she had left the country to pursue her education, so clearly it wasn’t as safe as she was making it seem. While we agree that Malala’s tweet might not be in the best interest of anybody, Heena also seems to have fired quite harshly at her. While we agree that she’s allowed to be patriotic (as was Priyanka Chopra during that Jai Hind tweet controversy), we do think that Malala shouldn’t fan the fragile flames right now, because it could escalate and engulf two countries that are precariously poised right now.

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