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Malaika Arora Reveals The Secret Behind Her Fabulous Body

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From way back in 1998, when she danced on the roof of a moving train top with Shah Rukh Khan in the song Chaiya Chaiya, till today, I’ve been awestruck by Malaika Arora’s fabulous body! Her washboard abs, toned glutes, and endless legs are fitness goals for the entire nation. No wonder then that she’s always asked about her fitness and diet secrets. Well, turns out, yoga is pretty much her go-to workout.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we got in touch with the fit and fabulous actress, who also happens to be the Reebok’s Fashionably Fit influencer, and got her to reveal her favourite asanas, and her relationship with this fitness routine.

What are some of your favourite asanas? 

I love to practise all forms of yoga, but I particularly like the Padmasana because it signifies balance and symmetry. Also, the 12 steps in the Suryanamaskar provides me with an entire body workout.

Find out all the benefits of Suryanamaskar, and get started today!

When do you find time to practise yoga? 

Being in an industry such as ours, you are always rushing from one place to another. Regardless of that, I never give myself an excuse. I have adopted fitness as a way of life. Even when I am travelling out of the country, I make sure I do a quick workout that is rejuvenating and energising.

Do you practise alone or with a buddy? 

Buddy training is an essential part of training, and exercising together helps me stay focused and motivated. As you are bonding between the stretches and side bends, your workout time and quality increases, ensuring great results. The desire to perform at your optimum best is heightened while working out with friends as elements of both competitiveness and camaraderie are at play. For me, it has to be my girl squad – Anshuka Parwani, and my sister Amrita.

How has yoga been an influence in your life? 

Yoga has played a key role in my sense of being, both mentally and physically. With a very strenuous work schedule that can take a toll, being a yoga practitioner helped me experience a sense of equanimity. It has enabled me to push my limits and tap my inner potential, exploring new horizons and boundaries, making a perfect union of the mind, body and soul.

Well, Malaika has totes inspired me to pull out my yoga mat, and get going!


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