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Malaika Arora Opens Up About Her Fitness Routine And How She Tackles Trolls And Negativity. You May Want To Take Notes..

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From her divorce with Arbaaz Khan, to her stretch marks, her Instagram and her boyfriend, Arjun Kapoor,  Malaika Arora has been criticised and trolled for a lot of things. So much so that one might think she is always being picked apart for living the way she wants. And while that kind of trolling can often get under your nerves and it has on numerous occasions, the actress  shares from her experience how she now manages to keep zen amidst it all.

In an interview with Times Nowthe fitness enthusiast got candid while talking about her philosophy when it comes to being trolled or called out on social media for no apparent reason. Opening up about her choices relating to her lifestyle and fitness she said, “I believe one should respect their own body and tenacity and work towards being the best version of themselves.”

Malaika Arora went on to share, “It can be very easy to be swayed by someone else’s fitness journey but blindly following someone else without respecting your body’s demands can lead to a deadlock.” She also touched base on how walking and yoga are two most instrumental elements in her fitness routine. She said, “I feel walking is a very underrated form of fitness. I enjoy walking as it works my whole body and I don’t have to invest anything but my time to be able to include it as a part of my routine.”

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Coming down to the topic of dealing with hate and negativity on social media platforms for the kind of content she shares on her feed, Malaika Arora answered, “I do right by myself every day and try to be content with my conscience. Self-contentment and affirmation are the only way to deal with negative clutter.”

Sharing her mantra on when she thinks work or life gets too overwhelming for her, Malaika Arora said, “When that does happen, I take a step back and spend time with my family, work out, do yoga, read, cook and prioritise my self-care routine because my body and soul need nourishment. I don’t believe in denying myself joy to be a part of a constant race.”

Stressing on the importance of keeping one’s own conscience clear, Malaika Arora made a strong case for focusing on our own set of right and wrongs, before falling for other’s opinion of us. Considering she has been doing this a long time, and like a pro no less, hers is the advice we’d get behind!

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