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Irandam Kuthu Has Vulgar Gestures And Blatant Objectification Of Women. Madras High Court Asks For It To Be Taken Down

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It is observed that people, things or activities that we surround ourselves with often end up shaping our views about the world. Be it a bunch of friends we regularly hang out with, the kind of content we consume on the daily or the type pf entertainment we expose ourselves to, everything has an impact on how we view society. Which is precisely why when movies like Kabir Singh surfaced, it was important for people to realise just how toxic it was, so the youth doesn’t feel influenced by the character to do the same. And after all that public outrage, one would think that the filmmakers would find some sense of the kind of content to churn out, especially during a time as sensitive as now, but guess we spoke too soon. We say this after watching the teaser of Irandam Kuthu.

We say this after coming across yet another piece of ‘entertainment’, that has been churned out but is so appalling, we are shook. It came out a month ago but it’s being talked about now again because of it being brought to court. We are talking about the recent teaser trailer released of the Tamil movie Irandam Kuthu.  The one and a half minute trailer was full of double meaning jokes, vulgar dialogues and a distasteful screenplay of showing a woman as a sexy ghost. Because apparently objectifying alive women wasn’t enough, now female ghosts will also have cameras pan down to their cleavage.

The movie that is yet to release has been parked under genre of adult humour and horror but can certainly pass off as tasteless and offensive instead. An opinion that was shared by a lot of netizens as well as the Madras High Court which recently ordered that the teaser of the Tamil movie Irandam Kuththu should be deleted from platforms like YouTube, for reasons obvious enough.

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The court found that the teaser was obscene in nature and had to be taken down. Although no one other than the Censor board had seen the movie, due to which the court could not take any action, but just looking at the teaser was clearly enough. The court said that the teaser that was being circulated widely had to be deleted considering it might pave the way for corrupting young minds and would increase crimes against women and minors.

A report by The Times Of India quoting the bench shared that, “We cannot forget the fact that there is a steep increase in offences against women and children. If these vulgar contents are available on social media, then it will definitely spoil the younger minds.” And even though we would otherwise rationalise that adult content doesn’t necessarily have to corrupt minds, the fact that the trailer was glimpse enough of the kind of objectification of women are being subjected to in the movie. It’s disgusting.

Meanwhile, the director of Irandam Kuthu , Santhosh P Jaikumar, will also be seen playing a lead role in the horror-comedy movie. Not caring beyond the fact that his film has been cleared by the censor board, his tone deaf celebration of the movie’s poster is proof that there is a long way to go before filmmakers realise how responsible they are to churn out content that is so thoroughly offensive.

Women have always either been used as props in movies, and if not that, then a way to add glamour to the movie so it sells well. From that to now stooping down to a level where a female ghost is being depicted as hot and horny, it just seems that all women would ever be seen by men is objects to lust after (dead or alive).

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