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Mandira Bedi Has Been Trying To Adopt A Little Girl For Nearly Two Years Now And The Details Are So Wholesome

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A few years ago, my mother asked me how I would react if she told I was adopted. I knew I wasn’t because I look exactly like my father, she was just messing with me. But I don’t think her joke landed properly because when I told her that it wouldn’t matter since they have brought me up with so much love, making me the luckiest little girl. Yeah, I always cheesy, but that answer brought tears to my mother’s eyes. So why am I going all emo on you suddenly? It isn’t because I am suddenly feeling sentimental.  Though you can’t entirely put that past me. But I am talking about this because now when Mandira Bedi is talking about her desire to adopt a little girl, I remember my mother’s expression when she heard my reply.

Thousands of little children are orphaned every year. They deserve a better life than bouncing around the system practically their whole lives. That makes adoption one of the loveliest things to happen for the child and the parent. And this is exactly how Mandira Bedi feels about this for she has wanted to adopt a little girl for quite some time now, she even has a name picked out! It is such an adorable thing, we can’t wipe the smile off our faces.

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In an interview, Mandira said, “Rraj (her husband) wanted a sister for Vir. My son is eight and we are looking at adopting a girl who could be between two-and-a-half to four-years-old. We have already thought of a name for her. We are going to call her Tara.”

It all came to light when Rraj Kaushal took to Facebook in 2017 to convey that they were looking to adopt a little girl with the cutest message ever. He said that they were looking for a younger sister for their son, Vir. In that message, he also promised that the little girl would never feel out of place and would complete their family.

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In 2017, they applied with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (the central adoption agency that looks into all adoptions across the country) but nothing came of it. Mandira says they are still waiting to get an approval so they can bring a new member into their family. We can only hope they get their approval soon so we can meet little Tara too!

In the same interview, Mandira also talks about motherhood and how it has helped shape her into a better person. She says, “Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. There is so much that I learn from my son. He speaks like a wise old man at times and tells me ‘Mumma… I just love the feeling of love.’” My mother always told me that a woman grows with her children, turns out Mandira feels the same way too.

This interview was all sorts of wholesome. The 47-year-old actress and hands-on mother goes on to talk about how because of motherhood she also started having a deeper appreciation for her parents. She says that she can now understand that the unconditional love she feels for her son, Vir is probably what her parents feel for her. Do you know how every Indian mother at some point or another has told their kid, Jab tumhare bacche honge tumhe pata chalega? Maybe it has some truth to it!

Let’s hope she gets her little girl soon!

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