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Lucky Ali’s Acoustic Version Of The Song ‘O Sanam’ Is Taking Us Down The Memory Lane And Making Us Feel Very Old

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When I was a kid, I would often catch my parents singing old songs from the black and white movies of the 60s and 70s. And I  often wondered what it was about those songs that immediately put a smile wistful smile on their faces as they sing along to old tunes. Little did I know, a few years down the line, I would sporting a similar nostalgic grin, as I would reminisce old songs from the 90s that I had grown up listening to. One of my favourite ones being O Sanam by Lucky Ali, who recently dropped an acoustic version of the hit song taking us right back to the days of our childhood and in the process, making us feel slightly old.

The year was 1996, Lucky Ali had just released a new album titled ‘Sunoh‘, at the age of 38, collectively stealing the hearts of every single person who happened to listen to it that year and for years to come. And while all songs were sung with such honesty and emotion, ‘O Sanam’ in particular managed to tug at the strings of our heart like none of the other tracks. And before we knew it, us 90s kids were hooked to this song, so we knew the lyrics, the music and many a fireside chat had this song being played in the background.

And so, now almost 24 years later, when Lucky Ali strummed his guitar to the same old tune, we could feel ourselves getting goosebumps, as our minds raced down memory lane. In a black and white video, where Lucky Ali sits and sings O sanam, with a weary smile but just as melodious a voice, netizens are fawning, as are we.

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The pop singer sang two verses of his hit song and every line, every lyric hit us differently. Perhaps it was the times that these songs represented – simpler ones, that draw us to such old gems and how. The fact that Lucky Ali had now turned 62, with grey and white hair suddenly gave us all a reality check, that we too are growing up in life and perhaps not ready to accept the fact that our favourite singer is now in his 60s! This adulting is hard.

Netizens have been sharing this latest clip of Lucky Ali’s acoustic version on the internet like wildfire, so  much so that #LuckyAli is now trending on Twitter. In fact, people have dropped in some heartwarming and almost emotional tweets for the singer, some urging him to sing more often while others calling his voice ‘a pure medicine to our degenerated brains suffering from today’s remixed songs.’ Boy, do we agree.

Serving as the perfect melody to make our days sweeter, we can’t thank Lucky Ali enough for taking us down the memory lane, oh so beautifully.

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