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Little Things 2 Is All About Real Relationships, And You And Bae Will Love It!

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Relationships are fun. Binge-watching Netflix together is fun. Binge-watching a Netflix series about relationships? Now that’s insanely fun, especially when at every point you can relate and are nodding at how real the reel relationship is. When you are sharing clippings of episodes with each other because you relate so hard. When you watch a scene and know your partner is thinking the same thing you are.

We all loved Little Things Season 1 because it was all of these things to us. We lived vicariously through Kavya and Dhruv, almost feeling what they were feeling and crying when they did on screen. And that’s exactly why October is going to rock your world.

Kavya and Dhruv are back with Little Things Season 2. There’s a lot of adulting, a lot of loving and a lot more happening in this season. Some major life changes are turning their world upside down and as they navigate the world together, Dhruv and Kavya realise that their world view on everything might not match. Where do you go from there? Find out when Little Things Season 2 releases on 5th October, 2018 on Netflix.

Psst, we got up, close and personal with Dhruv and Kavya, so keep watching Hauterfly for updates.


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