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Lisa Ray’s Free And Unfiltered Picture Is All Things Beautiful And Brave

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Sixteen is a very funny age. No one takes you seriously but everyone was seriously judges everyone else. I was no different, college was a roller coaster ride for me. Drama and gossip were a lifeline, till the tables turn on you. There was a time when I was the butt of gossip and rumours and I’m sure you will agree; college kids can be nasty. Though it wasn’t anything too grave, it still left me feeling super insecure and really created a dent in all the self-confidence I had built up over the years. Everyday, I would pretend to be the most confident person there and the facade slipped as soon as I left the room. It really is every 16-year-old’s story and celebrities are no exception to this. Time and again we have heard stories like this one from actors, but when you see them with makeup and looking pretty, we can forget the story behind it. But one person who’s keeping it real is supermodel and cancer survivor Lisa Ray.

Lisa Ray is known for her roles in Water and web series Four More Shots Please. She is also known for her IG posts that have amazing messages about body positivity, her own struggles and courage. We really are in awe of her. In the social media era, where everything filtered to look ten times prettier than what it is, Lisa Ray posted an unfiltered selfie of hers. She always was undeniably gorgeous but seeing that picture of her at 47, wearing all her freckles and age lines with such pride just makes me hope I’m half as courageous and comfortable in my own skin as her at any age.

With the picture came a message in the caption that everyone should embrace, “That’s me at 47, free and unfiltered. Do we have the courage to be seen as we are? I did not when I was younger. Not everyone will recognize your worth, but love your skin and the stories it tells, your experiences, your essence- know your worth woman! – and the world will reflect back your radiance. (And if it doesn’t, fuck it. You’re lovable and perfect regardless)” Free and unfiltered is totally going to be my new life motto and if I ever manage to author a book I think it would make a great title.

When it went up, netizens were full of love for her.  Some of them also went the extra mile and posted their own makeup-free, unfiltered selfies and we can’t stop smiling at them. It’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin, the message Lisa is trying to share is making a difference and we hope the ripple effect comes into play here.

Earlier this year, Lisa who said she always wanted to be an author launched her memoir Close to the bone. She talks about her life story, the horrors of being objectified in the film industry and her battle with cancer. I can’t think of a better read when you need to be inspired, can you?

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