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Lisa Ray Talks About The Dark Side Of The Modelling World, Her Struggle With Cancer And This Will Inspire You

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The thing about the fashion industry is that it is super glamorous when you are peeking in from the outside. And just like any other industry, the truth isn’t all daisies and roses. Eating disorders, drug addictions, nasty controversies are real, except that they come served every day draped in gorgeous gowns.

As it turns out, Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion wasn’t completely off base! Despite all the struggles though, there are a few models that grab our attention for more than the clothes they wear on the runway. Lisa Ray, for instance, is one such model, actress, and author. Hers is a story that everyone needs to hear and learn from. From battling self-hatred to battling cancer, she really is one of the strongest, most inspiring women out there!

Yesterday, Lisa was in Delhi for the Sahitya AajTak 2019 event. She was seen sporting an air mask to deal with the critical levels of pollution in the capital (About that, if we don’t start cleaning up our acts now, doomsday is going to be sooner than later!) Anyway, at this event on Sunday Lisa spoke at length about her struggles with fame and what prompted her to write her memoir, Close to The Bone.

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She said, “I was a glamorous figure, a sex symbol, but while I was at the height of fame, I was experiencing the lowest lows. I had anorexia, bulimia, I hated myself. Going through these extreme experiences made me an investigator of life. I had fame, money, reputation everything the society tells you need to be happy. Yet I wasn’t. That’s what lead me to write the book.”

Life really is funny, I guess. When Lisa Ray was at the top of her game and seemingly had everything going for, did she really?  She is okay to show us her vulnerable side and I guess that’s what makes her so relatable. Even after going through hell, she came up stronger than ever! In the same event, she also talked about how she dealt with her cancer diagnosis and how it affected her professional life.

She said, “In our profession, you can’t go home when you’re sick. You pop medicines and get on with work. In addition, I hadn’t really dealt with the trauma of the accident I was in. What do we do when we don’t want to face something? We keep busy. I did that. Until finally I had to stop, listen to my body, heal and make changes. In a strange way, I realised it was a time of reckoning. I knew it wasn’t the end of me, I knew I wasn’t going to die, but I also knew it wasn’t going to be easy.”

Do you know what I love about Lisa the most? It’s her courage! I mean, most of us would think twice before talking about our struggles even with the people closest to us. That is why, I can only imagine the amount of courage it takes to stand in front of the world and share the deepest most traumatic incidents of your life. Okay, I might have a teeny tiny crush on her.

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During this event, she also recalled another incident that shaped her life. A car accident, right after she had shot her modelling portfolio in Mumbai. “Soon after we were back in Canada, my family and I met with an accident and my mom lost the ability to walk in that accident. Call it luck, but I was supposed to be sitting where my mom was sitting in the car. We had exchanged our seats. That was supposed to be me in place of my mother. And then, on the other end of the world in India, my image was released on the cover of Gladrags magazine. So, my career started on the edge of a blade. One end was fame and on the other end was trauma.”

Lisa Ray is a living embodiment of the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Even after so many brushes with death if she can stand tall on her two feet, what are we always complaining about? BRB, picking up a copy of her book and taking notes!

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