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Lilly Singh Is The First Woman Of Colour With Her Late Night Show. Where’s The Diversity?

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We all know Lilly Singh. We know her as a Youtube star, as a baller babe, as Superwoman. Oh and she lives up to her name. So much so that when you type that in Google, the first page searches don’t lead us to the DC comics superhero, but to the South-Asian Youtube celebrity. So you would think that she is going place. And she is. But she’s charting her own path. She has landed her very own late night TV show with NBC.

Lilly Singh has become the first Indian-Canadian and woman of colour to host a late-night talk show, all of which is wonderful. Justin Trudeau also thinks so. However, what is annoying and honestly gets our goat is what she’s the first woman of colour to host a talk show in the after hours. It’s 2019. Did no network and their board rooms think of having a woman of colour host a show? Sounds deeply misogynistic and racist to us. The network already has two talk shows, hosted by men, at night. There’s Late Night With Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.  But a woman, and a woman of colour just made it to the ranks. Which is surprising because boy, is she famous. The ace Youtuber famous for her comedy sketches and an amazing sense of humour, is also been the author of the bestselling book, How to Be a Bawse.

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Gotta get used to this seat! • When I was presented with this NBC opportunity, I really needed guidance on how to evaluate my options and make the best decision. I sought out advice from two individuals, both whom I admire and respect deeply. Thank you @therock and @hasanminhaj for answering that call. I feel privileged that I can hit you up and ask you tough questions. Thank you for so selflessly dropping your wisdom and in turn, helping me make this beautiful decision. I’m forever grateful. • Thank you to my fellow YouTube creators who continuously inspire me and blaze a path that so many people can benefit from. I am so proud to be from this community and I believe in our community. Your messages of support have filled my whole heart. • Thank you @nbc for believing in me and betting on me. I can’t wait to take this crazy ride with you and make magic. You won’t regret it. • Thank you to my team at #WME @teamid HJTH and everyone at @unicornislandprod for working so hard to continuously make my dreams come true. I don’t know what I’d do without you. • And thank you to everyone sending me such supportive tweets, messages and emails. My phone and I are both overwhelmed with love. You having my back as I start this new chapter means so much to me. • With so much love ❤️

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That being said, we can’t wait to see what the show has to offer. As ardent followers of her Youtube channel, we are particularly intrigued. Now we already know that she reached out to Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock and Hasan Minaj for expert advice, which could probably mean we might just see her show being laced with equal parts sarcasm and political humour. We hope her famous imitation of Punjabi parents and her hilarious raps that we love also make it to the show.

In the recent video that she released, she talks about how her show would have a mix of everything from segments about what she believes in to sketch comedies to interviews. And considering Lilly is good friends with Priyanka Chopra, we might just see our desi Girl make an appearance!

While our mind races to figure out what the show would be like, we can’t wait for it to be September, which is the tentative month for the show to start airing. Way to go superwoman, we can’t wait to see you!


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