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13 Laptop Sleeves That Will Do The Talking For You

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However tech handicapped we may be, one gadget that has become a necessity, well, apart from our phones, is a laptop. Desktops are slowly becoming obsolete and almost every working person works on a lappy. One of the most obvious reasons for this is portability. You can carry (at least the light ones) anywhere and everywhere with you. That also means the chances of ruining them is higher. So if you get squashed in the train, your laptop gets it too. And then there is always that fear of dropping your food on it! Either you can keep it safe at your home/work drawer, or you can make full use of it by shoving it into a laptop sleeve. Bags are too mainstream, right? (Though, they are pretty cool too!)

Gone are the days of boring black sleeves — now is the era of cool and quirky stuff. Why should your lappy be dressed in anything mediocre? That’s where sites like Uptown 18 and Postergully come in to solve the problem. There are so many fun sleeves that to choose just one is a task. Trust me, the Hauterfly team has been on these sites for two weeks now, and we want to buy every single one of them. But my favourites are ones with notes or scribbles on them. A simple powerful word, a quote, a saying, or a kickass statement, anything with alphabets instantly becomes more appealing to me. Plus, you can choose one that suits your style best and show it off like a boss!

Check out this super cute pizza sleeve that speaks for most of us, or scroll down the list to pick your favourite.














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