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This Brilliant Kun Faya Kun Cover Is Giving Us Goosebumps!

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It is a universally acknowledged truth that the Mozart of Madras A.R. Rahman’s fan base is unparalleled. His talents are far ranging and glorious, be it for listeners from an older generation or the Snapchat generation that was mesmerised — and singing along word-for-word — by his performance at NH7 Weekender last year.

So it comes as no surprise that the students at Berklee College of Music — one of the premier fine arts institutes in the world — feel the same about this living legend. In the past, they’ve performed covers for songs  like Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera and Dil Se, both of which are among Rahman’s most famous musical outings.

At Boston’s Symphony Hall in the US, this talented bunch of students came together to perform one of Rahman’s greatest Sufi compositions, Kun Faya Kun. Originally sung by Rahman and Mohit Chauhan, it featured in the 2011 release Rockstar and is something of a modern classic now. While the original song was both beautiful and powerful, this cover version is equally splendid.

What we love most about this video — apart from the beautiful and soulful rendition by the students — is the fact that students across different nationalities have united as one and given the performance of a lifetime! Dressed in rich shades of red, they bring alive the notes of this lilting composition.

This is the best 12 minutes you will spend online today. We promise!

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