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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Completed 21 Years Today. We’d Like To Point Out How Rahul Was A Narcissist And Didn’t Deserve Anjali Or Tina.

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Nostalgia makes you romanticise everything – even those things that weren’t really all that sweet. Like the other day, my friend and I were discussing about the time when there were no video-streaming platforms and we rented out DVDs instead. We used to call the local DVD rental store and call for a movie and watch it together! Now, neither was it very convenient nor very cost-friendly. Yet, we speak fondly of that time when movies weren’t streaming on our screens. Today, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai completed 21 years of existence, and sure, we have a fondness for that movie that we just can’t shake off. Leave aside the fact that it set in motion the hideous trend of tight AF jersey tees and gave false hopes to a lot of friendzoned and lampzoned people. So today, I let the cloud of nostalgia not skew my judgement and unwittingly, I would have to say that I feel like Rahul was quite a narcissist. There was no love triangle. He loved himself and he deserved neither Tina nor Anjali. Here’s why.

  1. Rahul’s “pyaar dosti hai” was a façade

This was that one statement, which probably set the foundation for all the mess that was going to happen in every character’s life. Well, not just that, this probably gave several friendzoned peeps a lot of hope, which in real life, more often means the crush is going to go unrequited. However, if he actually believed in it wholeheartedly, he wouldn’t have seen right through Anjali. Like people noticed the goosebumps on Shahid’s hand in Kabir Singh but Rahul couldn’t see that Anjali was the one. Basically, this love philosophy was the genius invention to get the hot new girl in class to become friends with him. Tch tch!

  1. He had a PhD in stereotyping women on the basis of their appearances

Tina being a foreign-returned, mini-skirt clad girl has to be ignorant about Indian culture, or so Rahul assumed. Remember how he tried to rag her on her first day in college and tried to ridicule her knowledge of Indian culture? Thankfully she shut him down by giving it back to him (albeit questionably). Anjali on the other was a tomboyish girl, who played sports – so naturally, she wasn’t worthy of dating or being considered a woman. Seriously, two amazing women fell for this guy?

  1. He fell for Tina purely on the basis of looks

Rahul saw a pretty face and hot bod and took no time in falling head-over-heels for her. Tina deserved someone who loved her for her mind, for her personality and got to know her. We all deserve that.

  1. And then left her feeling unfulfilled

Imagine living (and dying) with the feeling that you will never have with your husband what he had with his female “best friend”. He should have really thought about what he wanted.

  1. After 8 years, he got attracted to Anjali only after she dolled up

Is this déjà vu? History repeats itself, except this time instead of Tina, it’s Anjali. Rahul has a type and any woman who can change herself and fit into that type is welcomed.

  1. And then selfishly ruined her budding love story with Aman

Anjali was engaged when Rahul strutted back in her life and threw Aman out. I mean really, he could have just kept his raging hormones in control at the summer camp. They say love is blind. That explains why Anjali left a wonderful man for a narcissist.

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  1. His fuckery ruined everyone’s time

Tina married a douche. Anjali lost her self-esteem and eight years of her life. And Aman, I can’t even begin to express how bad I felt for him. All he did was be a kind partner, but apparently, fuckbois always take the girl.

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