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Kriti Sanon Says Panipat May Look Similar To Bajirao But Urges Audiences To Not Jump To Conclusions. We Think It’s Inevitable.

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Out of the many many abilities that most of the Indians possess, from being consistent in poking our noses into someone else’s business or even blowing things out of proportion, one of the most advertised is the craft of comparison. The place where Sharmaji ka beta came from. For the better part of the population, comparing is a full time job, one that comes almost instinctively to make up for their lack of doing anything productive. As many have been doing ever since the trailer of the period drama ‘Panipat‘ released.

With the drop of the trailer of this Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon starrer movie, that dramatises the third battle of Panipat, netizens felt inspired to not just mint memes out of it, but also to condemn it by calling it a cheap rip off of the movie Bajirao Mastani. Now we get it, with the constant use of the word ‘Peshwa‘, Kriti coming in dressed in that Maratha-style bindi, nath and draped saree and taking into account the entire setting of the movie, it is hard to draw comparisons to Kashi Bai and Bajirao in the film Bajirao Mastani. But just because the setting seems vaguely familiar, doesn’t mean that the movie and the script has to be too. A fact that actress Kriti Sanon recently cleared up while addressing people’s constant claims about the similarities.

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She said, “I was expecting comparisons when I signed the film. Padmaavat too was compared to Baahubali. The period of Panipat and Bajirao is similar. The setting is similar because the Peshwas lived in Shaniwar Wada, and they dressed in a certain way. But the characters are different. I hope the audience doesn’t [jump to] conclusions by watching only the trailer.” And we do agree, the movie indeed deserves to be watched and until then, given a benefit of doubt for.

The fact that there will be striking similarities to the physical ensemble of the characters in both the movies is all but inevitable, because we cannot deny the fact that both the movies were made from a period of the same era, with a similar lifestyle and way of dressing. Which is why, when Kriti Sanon said she was expecting comparisons, we understood because from the looks of it, it cannot really be helped. Both Parvatibai and Kashibai represented the Maratha culture and traditional get up, and last we checked, it did not change much within those few years.

In fact, the designer for the movie Panipat, Neeta Lulla also commented on the comparisons and said, “Panipat is set in the same era as Bajirao Mastani. So, how do I change the references? Sadashivrao Bhau is the nephew of Bajirao Peshwa. Parvati Bai is Sadashivrao’s wife. I cannot change history to make the costumes look different.”

And while the people are nit-picking on it as a point(less) of criticism, Bajirao Mastaani actress Priyanka Chopra is all praises for Kriti Sanon in the role of Parvati Bai. PeeCee has no qualms in being reminded of herself while watching her. Kriti said, “Priyanka had seen my video where I was dancing on Coca Cola [Luka Chuppi song] in my vanity van, dressed as Parvatibai. It resonated with her. She said, ‘It reminded me of myself because whenever I would be off the set, I was no longer Kashibai. I would slip into my character again when I was on the set.’ We had a fun, informal conversation.”

So maybe it is time we move away from stating the obvious and pay attention on what really matters, and that is the script and screenplay, to find out if it too recreates the battle of Panipat in a way that wins the hearts of many. Till then, maybe it’s best to not judge the book by it’s cover and a movie by it’s trailer.

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