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Kriti Sanon Calls Social Media Tributes Fake, Severely Calls Out Paps For Being Insensitive. She Needs To Be Heard

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It is often said that grief is like the ocean, that it comes and goes inwaves. Ebbing and rising, sometimes calm and other times overwhelming, the feeling of grief can’t really be gone, just learnt to be dealt with. And when it is the loss of a loved one that you’re processing, everyone has their own ways to grieve, without being judged or being made fun of for it. As has been made crystal clear by the Heropanti actress, Kriti Sanon, who recently lashed out on social media for people’s insensitivity towards her and others in a moment of such tragic loss to the entire film industry.

After the news of Sushant Singh Rajput dying by suicide went viral on the internet, it was almost as if the entire country went into a state of shock and self reflection. Not having expected the happy and singing MS Dhoni star to have tragically take his life at the age of 34, people found the news hard to process and even harder to not talk about. But in doing so, as the media and netizens both crossed lines of decency and common courtesy, they ended up not just sensationalising such a news but also raising questions on the Sanon sisters, for their inactivity on social media during this time.

As a fleet of Bollywood celebrities were quick to post pictures with the late actor and talk about mental health, actress Kriti Sanon and her sister Nupur Sanon were being asked why they weren’t doing so, and that is where the lines were crossed. Taking to social media,  Nupur Sanon made it clear that they need to be left in peace to grieve. Now Kriti Sanon has broken her silence and she has taken on everyone and for the right reasons.

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Posting several tweets, talking about what had been going on in her mind, Kriti first wrote a heartfelt message for Sushant and then went on to call out media and everyone else who had made a mockery out of an actor and friend’s death. She wrote, “It’s strange that the otherwise trolling, gossiping world suddenly wakes up to your niceness and positive side once you are gone.. Social media is the FAKEST, most toxic place.. and if you haven’t posted RIP or said something publicly, you are considered not to be grieving, when in reality, those are the people grieving for REAL. It seems Social Media is the new ‘Real’ world.. and the Real world has become ‘Fake’,” and we couldn’t be in more agreement.

Continuing to talk about how even during the funeral, the paps didn’t take into account the moment and showed respect, she wrote, “Some MEDIA people have completely lost their motive and sensitivity.. At a time like this, all they do is ask you to come live or give a comment! Like really??! Banging the car window and saying “madam sheesha neeche karo no” to get a clearer picture of someone going for a funeral…Funeral is a very private and personal affair.. Let’s put humanity before our profession! 1 request media to either not be present there or at least maintain some dignity and distance. Behind the starry glitter and the so-called glamour, we are normal human beings with the same feelings as you have.. Don’t forget that.”

Her post reflected the intensity, the anger and the honesty with which she wrote her feelings and perhaps it was all that was needed to be said to put the ever-interfering paps and netizens into place. She also wrote, “Someone should define what’s acceptable, what’s not, what falls under journalism, and what comes under none of your business and live and let live.” Especially after how selfishly the people have minted out content on Sushant’s death, guess we all need to reflect on our actions and rustle up compassion.

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