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Kriti Sanon Calls Out Bollywood For Not Giving Female Stars Their Due. Someone Had To Say It!

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As a writer, there is nothing that gives me a kick more than seeing my name in the byline of every article I write. The happiness of calling it my own and getting acknowledged for what I have created is absolutely unparalleled. The kind, I would never want to compromise on, and why must I, right? Except, no. Bollywood is of the opinion that if you are going to give credit, where it’s due, give it according to the gender. Yes, we did see the concept of equality fly past the window.

The industry has been steadily feeding the idea that male actors carrying a film on their shoulders.  And, actress Kriti Sanon who too has been at the forefront of such credit disparity recently spoke up against the issue and demanded what is rightfully hers – acknowledgment for her work in her recent release Luka Chuppi with actor Kartik Aryan.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror she said, “This business of overlooking the leading lady has been going on for a while and it’s so unfair. I am glad this conversation is finally happening. It’s logical to talk about only the male protagonist when the leading lady doesn’t have a lot to do, but when they are both carrying a film on their shoulders, the credit should be equally shared. Everybody deserves a mention.”

First Bollywood doesn’t offer you lead roles, and when it finally does, it either puts you in for a prop song or a blink-and-miss appearance in the trailer or if at all it grants you some decent screen time (such graciousness) it comes without any merit. This entire vendetta against female actors, is honestly just becoming a mockery and misappropriation of talent now and Kriti has had enough.

This isn’t the first time that someone has spoken up about it, though. Taapsee Pannu too, post the Badla acclaim talked about how her leading role in the movie had conveniently been neglected when crediting people for its success.

Being a leading lady is clearly just existing in the movie. There can’t be an end to the pay inequality between men and women if there cannot be an equal distribution of credit first, and numerous actresses agree. Yes, now the times are somewhat changing with Alia earning more than her male counterparts and Kangana becoming one of the highest paid actresses in the industry, but there still is a long way to go for others who want to stick around for long.


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