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Kolkata Mall Amused That They Can’t Offer A Mother A Place To Breastfeed. Hilarious. NOT.

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Bravo South City Mall, you just won yourself some bad press.

The mall in question, located in Kolkata is very amused that women should demand a place to breastfeed.  When a woman complained about the lack of facilities to feed her baby, they found it to be “funny”. We’re not entirely sure about what is so hilarious about breastfeeding.

The lady earlier had asked the authorities to help find her a place where she could breastfeed her crying baby, and the only place they could come up with was the washroom. Which, silly woman, she should have thought of herself. It’s only stinky, unhygienic and full of bacteria. Cannot see the problem!

The woman, later wrote a post stating “There is no place to breastfeed on the top of it your staff asked me to feed in the toilet…disgusting place. Such a big useless mall”. To which, they replied nastily saying thing like “Please make sure you do your home chores at your home and not in the mall or at least plan it beforehand”. Exactly woman, why can’t you plan things ahead? Plan when the child is going to poop and pee or throw a tantrum, since it’s all on schedule with little 7-month olds anyway.

Soon after their ridiculous reply instigated a public outcry, they deleted the post and issued an apology, conveniently blaming the official who wrote that comment and washing their hands off from the fact, that the official ultimately did represent their mall. But whatever gets you out of the pickle, right?

They also later had to hide their review section, since it was flooding with bad recommendations, for good reason of course. Really surprised they weren’t cracking up over the bad recommendations.


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