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5 #HauteHacks That Will Turn You Into A Masterchef!

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As a self-confessed hurricane in the kitchen, let me tell you that no matter how bad a cook you are, there’s always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. With these nifty #HauteHacks, you’ll be able to feed yourself without accidentally setting your house on fire! It’s all about upping the ante and making cooking a less painful process.

P.S: If you’re feeling ambitious, you should totally check out these brunch recipes for beginners!

1. Make Your Daily Cuppa Coffee Fancy! 

Add a touch of culinary flair to any dish with vanilla sugar — all you have to do is take a box of sugar and add a split vanilla bean. After a few weeks, your sugar will be fragrant and fancy! Another great trick is to DIY a cappuccino: heat milk, and then froth it with a hand blender (ensure you’re super careful). Or perhaps you’re more of a cold coffee person?

2. Fix Oversalted Food

This tip from Raymond Blanc will save you if you’ve ever added too much salt to a dish. Add a peeled potato to your dish and simmer — it balances the seasoning.

3. Fix Yourself A High Protein Snack In Less Than A Minute

Crack an egg in a mug/bowl, add a tablespoon of milk, a pinch of salt and pepper, 1/4 cube of grated cheese (optional). Whisk, microwave for 45 seconds and enjoy!

4. Store Bread For A Rainy Day

If you’ve got bread and eggs in your pantry, you’ll always be able to enjoy a fresh, fulfilling meal. Bread freezes incredibly well, so if you’ve got a loaf that you’re unable to eat, stow it away in the freezer. As and when required, take slices out and toast!

5. Prevent Avocados And Apples From Going Brown

While making guacamole, keep your avocados at peak freshness by drizzling them with lemon juice after you’ve opened it. This will prevent your avos from oxidising and dying a slow, painful death.


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