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Kirthiga Reddy Joins The Board At WeWork. She’s Shattering Glass Ceilings And Paving A Way For Women Everywhere. You Go Girl!

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There is just something about getting to work on a Friday morning that puts you right in the happy zone. For some, it’s the fact that it’s the last working day of the week, and for others it is the fact that most places have happy hours going on today. But what is really putting the ‘Yay’ in our Fri-yay, is news about a woman who has given all of us fellow women a chance to feel pride and hold our head high as she achieves a milestone in her life. This is one that goes beyond just a personal accomplishment, it comes as an accomplishment for women kind. We say this after coming across the news about Kirthiga Reddy, Venture Partner at SoftBank, being chosen to join the board of WeWork.

The co-working space organisation that provides shared workspaces for technology startups and services for other enterprises recently shared its intention of getting someone from SoftBank on board who wasn’t only strategically involved but also someone who adds value and seems like, they found the perfect candidate for the post, as the young and Indian businesswoman  Kirthiga Reddy will now be seen filling in the spot for the board at WeWork as announced on Thursday.

The visionary and incredibly talented Kirthiga Reddy, who was formerly the Managing Director of Facebook Operations, India before she grabbed an impressive spot as the venture partner with SoftBank will be seen essaying this role with WeWork, and the fact that it is woman, moving up in the ladder in a world that is predominantly male-centric, seems like a win for all of the ambitious women out there. Glass ceilings? What glass ceilings?

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Marcelo Claure, executive chairman of WeWork, also spoke on the matter of Kirthiga’s appointment and said, “In partnership with the SoftBank Vision Fund, we sought a director who adds strategic value to our business as we implement our five-year plan.”

In fact, this won’t be the first time either that Kirthiga would be breaking stereotypes and making a statement by emerging out as a leader in her field. She has been the first employee of the social media giant Facebook, when it came to India, and been one of the most crucial reasons for the success and expansion of the company in India. And honestly, it is women like her who inspire women like us, to follow our passion with focus and achieve what was once only reserved for the men.

Way to go for Kirthiga Reddy and thank you for making our Friday that much better.

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