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5 Kindle Hacks That Will Make Reading More Fun

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There is a constant battle between books and e-readers. Both serve the excellent purpose of feeding our minds, so in the end, they are a part of the same team. I mean, Kindle may not have the same feel as a new book, but we can overlook that for a juicy story, right? With the increase in Kindle’s popularity and how my friends carry it around like a trophy, I decided to do them a favour and give them a few tips that will make them love their gadget more. Seriously, they guard it like a part of their soul is inside that digital book and, TBH, I don’t blame them.


Kindle Using Tips_Hauterfly


Check out these 6 hacks that’ll make reading on a Kindle a lot more fun — if you become even more possessive about your e-book, well, don’t blame me!

1. Take A Screenshot

Yes, it is possible to take a snap of your favourite pages and store them for future references! Just press the upper right-hand corner and the lower left-hand corner of the screen together, and you will be able to take a screen grab.

2. Play Games

If you are done reading your story and need a little break, go the store and search for ‘Kindle Active Content’. You will get loads of free games that you can download and play.

3. Fix Frozen Screen

Don’t panic if your screen freezes! Long press or slide the power button for around 40 seconds and your device will restart.

 4. Use Fictionary

Works just like a dictionary, Fictionary tells you the meanings of words that are in your sci-fi or fantasy books. Literally, a boon! Install it and show off!

5. Use Kintweet

If you are a social birdie, install Kintweet on your Kindle and directly tweet the quotes from your story.


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