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Kiara’s Grandmom Joked About Her Orgasm Scene In Lust Stories. We Wish All Indian Families Were That Cool!

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I’d go out on a limb here and say that orgasms are the best cheap thrill ever. But they are not just that, they are also supposed to be really good for health. They release all those happy hormones in you, which leave you stress-free and glowing! Remember Kiara Advani’s self-play scene in Netflix’s Lust Stories with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham playing in the background? Of course you do! It’s hard to forget. Because A) Indian cinema had never ventured into that territory before and B) Kiara’s performance was so realistic!

While there’s so much taboo around sexuality in India, and female masturbation is frowned upon, Kiara revealed in a chat show that her grandmother actually watched the scene with her. This, when most of us girls would get completely awkward discussing anything remotely sexual with our parents. Remember when your parents sat you down and had the birds and the bees talk? No, we don’t, because most Indian parents are too awkward to even do that!

Well, here’s how it unfolded for Kiara. “My grandmother had come to stay with me, and the film had just released on Netflix. Of course, I had seen it and my parents had seen it. Everyone loved it and all of that,” she said, also adding that her parents were completely casual about the scene. “They knew everything when I had said yes to the film. So, they were informed. I prepared them,” she said.

Although the masturbation scene didn’t mortify Kiara’s grandmom, being Anglo-Indian she couldn’t get some references. Which is why, she didn’t get the humour in it.  Kiara said, “She’s part British, so there were certain jokes that she didn’t get. She was reading it with the subtitles. Everyone else was laughing, there were a lot of reactions of the people watching. When my grandmother was watching it, she was watching it with a straight face, like deadpan.”

Kiara tried to explain the scene out to her grandmother, “You get the context, right? Like, she has had this moment and an orgasm in front of the entire family.” “Well, in front of the whole world now,” replied her witty grandmother, revealed Kiara!

We love the fact that her entire family could not just appreciate the masturbation scene, but also joke about it. Thankfully some people in our country aren’t pretending we’re all a bunch of asexual beings. In most Indian households, the S-word is like Voldemort – the one who must not be name! But hopefully someday we’ll get there!

Currently, the Lust Stories actress will be seen opposite Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh. She has also been seen shaking a leg in the song First Class from the movie Kalank.

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