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Kiara Advani’s Mother Disapproved Of Her Boyfriend Because 10th Standard And It’s Relatable AF!

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I was in the twelfth standard when I first got into a relationship.  And in a very creepy coincidence (as you will later learn), his name was Kabir. Knowing it was also the year I appear for my board exams, I was very cautious about my parents not finding out that I had been romancing someone else other than my accountancy books. Of course I got lucky and thanks to my good luck and good grades, my mother never suspected a thing…until college of course. That, however, is not something we’d be able to say about the Kabir Singh actress, Kiara Advani.

In a recent interview, when the actress was asked about her real-life boyfriend, she shared, “I had my first boyfriend when I was sixteen and I was in the tenth standard. We broke up because I was in the tenth standard and my mom got to know about him and she shouted at me saying how can I have a boyfriend in the tenth standard? She told me to cut off ties with him and asked to call off the relationship. I told my mom I have broken up with him but we didn’t and we continue to see each other,”

And her story reminded me of many other such instances, some my own and some of my friends, where Indian parents proved they’re all really the same. We feel you Kiara, we have too many relationships in our kitty that have been sabotaged by our mothers as well. And while we do understand the motherly instinct and concern, we can’t help but wonder, what is the correct age to date then?

Because I know for a fact, I could be 16 or 26 or even 60 and even then, chances are my parents won’t approve of whom I date. Wait, forget who I date, they won’t approve on me dating. The concept boggles their mind. Be it a conversation around homophobia, or about their daughter’s short shorts, all it is ever met with is either an uncomfortable change of topic or a bashing of a lifetime. Disha Patani might agree with us here.

Either way, we think it’s time parents realise that generation after generation, the mindset and norms change and the only way to be on the same page without turning their children into sneaky rebels like Kiara here, is to begin to accept the new normal. While in the meantime, we continue to up our game at secretly dating!

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