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Kiara Advani Says Kissing Is A Way Of Showing Love. Exactly! Why The Drama Around A Lip Lock?

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We are talking about kissing. Yes, apparently, it’s still a big deal. We don’t know why. You’d think that no one really pays attention to lip locks any more. Because come on, do we even care about these things anymore? Apparently, we do. Which is why Kiara Advani had to come out and say, you know, it’s completely regular to kiss in a movie, especially when your character is in love with someone. It’s mundane, almost. It’s 2019 and we are still talking about actors doing their job according to the demands of the role. I guess somethings never change. So here’s what happened. And why we are still deeply concerned about two people locking lips on screen.

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani were out promoting their upcoming film  Kabir Singh. During this time, they were subject to plenty of intrusive and irrelevant questions but one that seems to be a theme now is how did it feel to have done the kissing scene in the movie?  If it were me, I would be rolling my eyes and asking the journalists to shut up.

At a previous press con, when they were asked this, an irritated Shahid Kapoor said that there was more to the movie and trailer than their kissing and we thought that was the end of it.

But seems like Kiara Advani has come forward to put an end to the ongoing curiosity about her on-screen kiss with Shahid as she revealed, “Kabir Singh is an innocent raw love story, so you are seeing two people who are as real as it gets. As far as the liplock is concerned, it’s a very normal way of showing someone how much you love them – with a kiss.” And honestly, that is something we already knew.

She further went on to say, “When you will watch the film you will not even realise that there is a liplock in the film. We have not put anything and everything in the film just for the heck of it. There is no dance or special song, there is no revealing, there is none of that. Our director is somebody who is real and pure to the script,”

Much to the disappointment of some creepy and curious fans, there was nothing to it. Though we don’t even know what there was supposed to be to it.  We need to get over kissing, at least in movies. In real life, kiss all you want.

In a time when important and pressing issues are being addressed every hour of every day, we can’t still be stuck on two actors sharing an on-screen kiss. And by the looks of it, the cast of Kabir Singh stands in agreement. Thank god.


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