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Kiara Advani Opens Up About Her Choices In Love And Admits To Being Old-School In Matters Of The Heart. Same!

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Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think all millennials can find love online. Some are like me.  I am far from the online dating culture when it comes to love and romance. At the age of 24, I may be well-versed with this generation’s use of slang and even the social media obsession, but still have my reservations for when it comes to online love. Call it a strong influence of the Bollywood movies I have grown up watching or the Nicholas Sparks novels I used to eat for breakfast when young, but my definition of love has been about actually meeting a person and not just swiping on their profile. Okay, not exactly a fairytale, but definitely from the olden times when a fraction of this was atleast possible. And seems like, I may not be the only one feeling this, for actress Kiara Advani too has admitted to be an old school in matters of love.

Last seen headlining the lead role in the Netflix original Guilty, the only thing the actress has admitted of being guilty to recently is being an old school kind of romantic. While talking to Mumbai Mirror, she said, “I am old-school when it comes to love. I like to be pursued and wooed, meet someone in more than a digital way. I am a die-hard romantic and believe in true love.” And it was as if she was suddenly speaking my mind.

At a time when even love goes on sale, and has a shelf life of about 7 dates before people decided to explore more options, we have Kiara here who believes in finding her soulmate, not while swiping right but maybe by doing the right thing here, and that is being present in the moment. Not enamoured by the million options at a single touch, we love the fact that Kiara is as real in finding love as she is with her acting.

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Talking further about dating apps she said, “It is the way forward. I know so many people who have met online and got married. So, it’s great wherever you meet your soulmate, medium doesn’t matter,” although I do question the credibility of finding a future husband on tinder. From the looks of it, only fuckbois are found there.

The actress then admitted how even though she’s never been on an app, now she can’t be due to her stardom. She said, “No, I have never been on a dating app and now, it wouldn’t be convenient. Being a known person has its drawbacks.” But even with that, we are sure that a woman like Kiara doesn’t run out of places to stumble upon her chances of true love, like the sets of her upcoming movie with Siddharth Malhotra that is based on the life of the martyr Vikram Batra.

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