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Khaali Peeli’s Song ‘Beyonce Sharma Jayegi’ Has Us And The Whole Internet Apologising To Beyoncé For The Racist And Sexist Mess This Song Is!

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From the time I was little, to now when I am a full grown adult, if there has been one constant crush I’ve had all my life, one that has stood the test of time, it has to be hands down on the queen, the goddess, Beyoncé Knowles. Famously known as Queen Bey, and to others as Destiny’s favourite child (pun intended), she the epitome of all things savage, sassy and sexy. And while I can go on to write her praises for pages, and pages long, never did I imagine the day, when what I would have to write to her instead, would be an apology. Not from my own side as much as from Bollywood’s side that has recently landed itself in quite the trouble.

You see, our industry has had only a brief run-in with the musical marvel, Beyoncé (thankfully. Imagine if they got pally) that never went beyond the surprise performance she flew down to give at the Ambani wedding. However, out west (and people here would agree to that, too) she is a phenomenon and not just a singing sensation. She stands for so much more than just art- she promotes causes, she represents her heritage, she’s quite the queen.

But apparently that’s not how Bollywood viewed her, for she has now suddenly been reduced to the butt of a laughably poor Bollywood song – Beyonce Sharma Jaayegi, from the upcoming movie Khaali Peeli. Starring Ishaan Khattar, Ananya Panday and our embarrassment, the song, that just by the title is enough to make you cringe, goes on to make you roll your eyes and makes you wish the earth would open up and gobble you whole at some point. That’e because we didn’t just bring down a whole institution that is Beyonce, we also did it in the most crass way possible. We threw in some subtle racism.

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The lyrics of the song that go like, “Oh tujhe dekh ke goriya… Beyonce sharma jayegi,” which translates to ‘After looking at you fair woman, Beyoncé will feel shy’. If that made you cringe and want to die out of shame, wait, there’s more.  This wasn’t the only jibe that the song took, there’s more. The lyrics further say “Bhadkili nakhrili Chamkili Lachkili. Tu jo kamar ye hilayegi,” which roughly translates to “Gaudy woman with a lot of tantrums… When you move your waist”, highlighting yet another problematic debate of Bollywood forever objectifying women on their unrealistic beauty and body standards.

With more than 194 K dislikes on YouTube, growing in number by the minute, the song has in less than a day garnered more hate than it has love. And arguably so.

I am forced to question the makers – what they were thinking when they even came up with this? Ki sardaar khush hoga? Shabaashi dega? Because from where we see it, it was the recipe for a disaster, from the minute it started. And twitterati, wholeheartedly agrees, dissing the song and offering their own second-hand embarrassed apologies to Beyoncé.

From pointing out the blatant colorism in the lyrics, that call out for a fair woman, while talking about Beyoncé in the same breath (not months after the blow out of the BLM movement no less), to the lack of substance in the song and the dance by the two amateurs, netizens were quick to disregard the song and for all the right reasons. Safe to say, the movie has already done itself plenty damage with the release of this racist anthem for the year. We for one, would not be looking forward to what’s in store with this one!

Meanwhile, Beyonce if you’re reading this…we’re just terribly sorry.

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