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Kerala To Open Safe Homes For Inter-Caste And Inter-Religion Couples To Protect Them From Honour Killings. What A Great Idea

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With the kind of political turmoil that we presently find ourselves in, the only claim that is safe to make any longer is that no one is really safe. But safety has never been a strong suit for a country like India, that has mastered the idea of making its women and now even couples feel unsafe. Women were unsafe but now, because we guess no one wants anyone to be happy, and everyone must be controlled. Especially in the areas of who they love and how they love them.

Staunch in beliefs that make little to no sense, India has always witnessed a strong dissent for inter caste and inter religion marriages on grounds that it goes against their morals and dilutes their race. Both theories that are absolute bullshit.  Addressing the same issue, where young couples who try to defy and overturn such prejudices are often captured, beaten and in a lot of cases, killed, we have states like Kerala step up and offer a safe house to inter-caste and inter-religion couples.

The state will now be seen building secure accommodations and ‘safe homes’ for couples who are tied up in marriages outside their religion and castes. And considering, this a first of its kind initiative, we are glad that finally issues relevant to the common man are not just being heard out but also action is also being taken.

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This major and landmark move has come after a 23-year old Dalit Christian man was first abducted and later killed allegedly by the relatives of his upper-caste wife in Kottayam district of Kerala back in 2018. And even though it is disheartening to see that our country seldom brings about the necessary change without first having people killed for it, we are glad that at least it has sparked effort from the government here.

The safe homes in the making are supposedly meant to offer safe and protected accommodation to couples up till a year. Also, couples who would earning under the bracket of Rs 1 lakh annually will be given an assistance of Rs 30,000. And the ones who belong to the scheduled caste community will be given an assistance of Rs 75,000.

All in all, an effort that seems promising and we hope that it inspires others to follow suit!

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