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Katrina Kaif’s Bronzed, Sizzling Dance In Husn Parcham Has The Mercury Soaring

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Let’s admit it, Katrina Kaif is hot. She has the kind of body that makes you want to put those french fries down and hit the gym in a frenzy. And this is on an average day. But now, the latest song from the movie Zero has released and Katrina has out hearts racing in her sizzling avatar. Let’s not beat around the bush. She looks like a goddess in Husn Parcham.

Yes, we have no idea what it means and had to Google it. Apparently, Shahrukh Khan explained that it is the “announcement of one’s beauty.” Well, if that’s the case, Katrina is doing it in style.

The actress is showcased in the song. There’s no doubt that this song is a vehicle to show off Katrina’s abs, body and dancing skills. But in the montage when she’s shown languishing in a bath tub, even we were a little aroused and we are straight women.



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Katrina did her bit to promote the thing. Her Instagram was a tease of the song. The posts were pictures of her staring into the camera, slightly dishevelled, grungy and sexily. Now that the song is out, we can see why there was so much drama.

Sigh, must we humbled this way, every day?


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