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Hey Katrina Kaif, The Length Of Jahnvi Kapoor’s Shorts Is Not Your Problem. This Was Uncalled For!

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I am an extremely temperamental in nature, but I compensate it by telling myself that it is for all the right reasons. Someone stealing my fries, people leaving my texts at double ticks, someone overtaking my car from the wrong side, and the most common one – people going ahead and commenting on my clothes as though it is their business. But Katrina Kaif, till now, has been quite the opposite. Calm and composed, to the point where she can seem almost boring.  In fact, she recently talked about how she’s comfy with Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship and we thought it was extremely mature, what she said.

Normally, we wouldn’t bother what other people say about  plunging necks or mini skirts, but that doesn’t mean they should feel entitled to say it. And we would be covering so much of it, it would be plain silly. But it sucks a little (okay, a lot)  when people we look up to are the ones passing such uncool comments. The person in context is Katrina Kaif, and the clothes she took a jibe on were the ‘very short shorts’ of Dhadak actress Jahnvi Kapoor.

In a recent episode of BFFs with Vogue, Katrina Kaif made an appearance with best friend Anaita Shroff Adjania. It was a fun-filled chat, we have to admit. Anaita even let us in on a secret – that she was once left standing in her underwear when Katrina liked her pants so much, she took them. But then this happened.

Neha Dhupia asked the actress who goes over the top with their looks, to which she replied, “Not OTT but I am concerned about the very, very short shorts that Jahnvi wears! She comes to my gym as well, so we, often are together in the gym. I just worry about her sometimes.” And we wonder why.

I mean of course, showing concern is rather thoughtful of the Bharat actress, but this was more like a completely uncalled for dig at Jahnvi’s shorts. And absolutely unnecessary, we think.

Sonam Kapoor, soon after this went down, took to her Instagram story to share a picture of Jahnvi in denim shorts and captioned it ‘She also wears regular clothes and rocks it.’ This was taken as an jibe back at Kat, but was defended by Sonam in a statement where she said, “Guys I wasn’t defending Janhvi over something my very dear friend Katrina might have innocently said. It’s an inside joke with my sister on her gym looks that get papped. Pls don’t create drama mediawallas.”

All may be well and warm between the actresses, but maybe Kat should steer clear of preaching others on their choices of clothes.  After all, the last we checked, Janhvi was old enough to decide and worry about her clothes, by herself. And isn’t, ‘If you have it, flaunt it’ a thing any more?

On the work front, Katrina’s new movie Bharat comes out on Eid and this might just be the big hit of the year.


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