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Katrina Kaif And Amitabh Bachchan Sign A Movie With #MeToo Accused Vikas Bahl. Why Do The Men Get Away So Easy?

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I have always believed that supporting a criminal or even just being a bystander is a crime in itself. If I saw a man assault a woman on the road I will try and help her and not just stand around and enjoy the free freak show. Some might call this stupidity, but I believe in ending violence against women, so I am going to stand by those beliefs and try (even a little) to help every woman who needs it. What I don’t believe in is preaching what I don’t practice.

Okay before I rant on about this, let me give you a little context. Everyone knows that our industry is not woman-friendly. Yeah, I know how horrible that sounds but it true that at the very core of this industry is patriarchy. Over the years, countless women- from prominent actresses to second assistants have been harassed and forced into having sexual relations with a man on the pretext of getting work or to avoid getting fired. It’s a vicious cycle and once you enter it, getting out is tough.

Of course, we knew that women were being mistreated within the industry but what we didn’t know was the extent of it. But when we did find out just how badly when there was an outrage and it was called the #MeToo movement. Though a miserable failure, the wave of the movement did put a lot of things in perspective. For instance, women are now more vocal about pay parity and sexual harassment. But did the movement actually make any progress or change? Sadly, I don’t think so.

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The reason I don’t think so is that not only are all the accused back to living their lavish lives, but they are also getting other A-list celebrities to join forces with them on upcoming projects. This proves that the movement hasn’t really caused a dent. And yet, it seems like even if you are named in the movement, you could be back on your feet making money in no time.

Reportedly, Katrina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan have collaborated with #MeToo accused Vikas Bahl on for his new project which is tentatively named Deadly. Kat and Big B will be playing a father-daughter duo and though it sounds like it would be a good movie, the fact that it is associated with a man who was accused of sexually harassing a woman should be enough for no actor to want any part of it.

The thing about bringing change and making the industry safe or women is that words are not enough. Actions need to back those words up and that is what is missing here. It is also why despite all that outrage the movement died a slow and painful death.

How can we expect change if we don’t work towards it?

Here is what the netizens had to say about this:

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I know that Vikas Bahl was exonerated and cleared of all charges by the industry but that does not mean discredit the woman crew member who accused him. Besides, clean chit or not it is high time we stop encouraging this behaviour and the actors stop working with these #MeToo accused men.

They need to face the consequences of their actions.

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